The Gintama Guide You Never Knew You Needed


You’ve probably heard of the show before, and you probably know some people who really geek out over it…but seriously, what’s the deal with Gintama?


We’re glad you asked. 😎

There’s good reason why this series is ranked the #3 Top Anime Series on MyAnimeList. It’s got a fantastic cast of characters, tons of really fun humor, and a deep, hard-hitting storyline that gets you emotionally invested.

Whether you’re just getting a feel for the series or you’re a die-hard fan who could use some backup to hook your friends, we’re breaking it down to the essentials: the characters.

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As you can tell, these characters do a superb job of driving each other crazy. At this point, if you feel a little lost and you’re thinking—who are these weirdos?—don’t worry. They don’t even know. But here’s why we love them:

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exports_katsura exports_kagura
exports_elizabeth exports_catherine
exports_kondo exports_okita
exports_otae exports_otose
exports_sadaharu exports_sakamoto
exports_sarutobi exports_shinpachi
exports_taizo exports_tama
exports_tsukuyo exports_yagyu

So, are you ready to dive in? Don’t shy away from the number of episodes—fans say it’s easy to start watching at any arc. And don’t assume it’s all just slapstick humor. There’s actually a lot of clever character building mixed in so that by the time stuff gets super serious in Series 3, you’re blown away with how everything connects together.


Wherever you’d like to begin the series, hop in fearlessly with this guide at your side. Don’t miss Series 3 (where it gets real) in our anime shop which is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital now!