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Two years ago, the planet was shaken by a deceptively short & cute title that rocked each viewer emotionally and with thoughts on technology and war after its 5 episode run. This title, planetarian, is finally coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD with the OVAs and a movie this August 14th! See the English cast below for who all is coming to the movie:



EZRA Cynthia Cranz
ISAIAH Alexis Tipton
JEREMIAH Dawn M. Bennett
JOB Terri Doty
JUNKER David Matranga
LEVI Monica Rial
OLD MAN Kenny Green
RUTH Alison Viktorin
YUMEMI Jill Harris
ADR Director Clifford Chapin
ADR Engineer Matt Grounds
Adaptive Writer Emily Neves
Mix Engineer Nathanael Harrison


planetarian hoshino smile




For thirty years, companion robot Hoshino Yumemi has patiently waited to show someone the stars. Left in an abandoned planetarium, she sits hoping for customers that will never show. That is, until a Junker—a plunderer of goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization—stumbles upon the crumbling establishment. Will he help her repair the planetarium, or will she be alone once more?


planetarium arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on August 14th

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