October 2018 Collector’s Movie Sets – Free! Movie Bundle and Mamoru Hosoda Movie Collection

It’s that time again—let’s check out some of the new limited edition anime Blu-ray and DVD releases coming to you soon from Funimation! This time, we have two new movie bundles in collector’s boxes up for pre-order for the month of October. Here’s your sneak peek of what special items and upgrades you’ll receive for the Free! Movie Bundle and Mamoru Hosoda Movie Collection.


Free! Movie Bundle Mamoru Hosoda Movie Collection
Free! Movie Collection Box Hosoda Movie Collection Box

Free! Movie Bundle

Summer season marks the return of the hit swimming anime with Free! -Dive to the Future-,  a new season of episodes premiering in SimulDub on 8/2, but to fully enjoy our swimming boys’ new adventures, make sure you’re caught up on essential prequels—some of which have never been seen in the US!

High Speed! -Free! Starting Days Free! Timeless Medley Free! -Take Your Marks-


New SimulDub episodes premiere 8/2: https://www.funimation.com/shows/free/

Free! Season 3 Key Art


Follow your favorite swimming boys from their middle school days through preparation for college with this box set of all of the Free! movies:

  • High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-, a prequel film that has never been seen in North America, covering Haru and Makoto’s middle school years
  • Free! -Timeless Medley-, a double feature of films The Bond & The Promise, which each summarize Free! -Eternal Summer- (Season 2) with brand new footage that incorporates the new characters from High Speed!
  • Free! -Take Your Marks-, the direct sequel to season 2 that leads into Dive to the Future, showing the transition to college. If you didn’t catch this one in the limited theatrical run in March, now’s your chance!


High Speed! and Take Your Marks are also available as standalone releases, but this box set is the ONLY way to get the Timeless Medley double feature The Bond & The Promise!


High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- : https://www.funimation.com/shop/home-video/free-high-speed-free-starting-days-the-movie-combo-bld-00750/

Free! -Take Your Marks- : https://www.funimation.com/shop/home-video/free-take-your-marks-combo-bld-00766/


High Speed! and Take Your Marks each include an exclusive art book and set of 4 art cards, respectively, but this box set has both of these bonuses as well an additional Timeless Medley art book that isn’t available anywhere else. This artwork is all REALLY special and rare, including illustrations that were used in the Japanese theatrical runs or home video releases, or special Japanese magazine artworks.


On top of that, the first customers who purchase the set from the Funimation Anime Shop will receive a collectible pinback button/can badge featuring Makoto and Haru, as a shop exclusive! Or, if you’re one of the first to order from RightStuf, you’ll receive an exclusive Sousuke and Rin pinback button/can badge. Quantities are limited first come first serve.


To recap, this set includes:


  • A rigid collector’s box housing all three Blu-ray/DVD combo packs
  • An exclusive 3” Makoto & Haru can badge only included in this bundle on the Funimation Anime Shop – RightStuf purchasers will receive an exclusive Sousuke & Rin badge.
  • A set of four -Take Your Marks- postcards featuring alternate themed outfits for the boys
  • 20 page art books for -Timeless Medley- and High Speed!
  • All three films on Blu-ray/DVD combo, including the double feature -Timeless Medley- only available in this set!


Available 10/2 – pre-order here: https://www.funimation.com/shop/home-video/free-movie-bundle-with-collectors-box-combo-gwp-bld-00770/



Mamoru Hosoda Movie Collection


For the first time ever, catch the captivating four films by acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda packaged together in a collectible box set. Hosoda is often cited by critics as the next Miyazaki, due to his profound and heartfelt stories based on real-life experiences.

Hosoda Movie Collection Box

Set includes: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, Summer Wars, and The Boy and the Beast, all housed in a beautiful clean chipboard box—the first chipboard box release for this title. The discs are also stored in a digipack that shows off the artwork.

hosada-collection beauty spread

Here’s what you will receive:

  • The four films on Blu-ray
  • A collectible rigid box containing all four films in one convenient place
  • Extras for each film, including commentaries, cast & staff interviews, trailers, making-of footage, and more


Available 10/16 – pre-order here: https://www.funimation.com/shop/home-video/mamoru-hosoda-movie-collection-combo-blr-00246/