Bungo Stray Dogs S2 – Spotify Playlist

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Did you enjoy the first Spotify playlist based off of Bungo Stray Dogs characters? We have more music playlists from characters in season two! Just as season two of Bungo Stray Dogs comes to Funimation streaming and DVDs, enjoy music based on the lavishness of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the emotional existentialism of Sakunosuke Oda, and the growing introspection of Kyoka Izumi.


F Scott Fitzgerald SpotifyF. Scott Fitzgerald – Easy Money

A Fitzgerald-inspired playlist with a wealth of electro-swing songs




Sakunosuke Oda Spotify PlaylistSakunosuke Oda – Late in the Game

It’s time to get existential with this alt-rock mix inspired by Oda








Kyoka Izumi Spotify PlaylistKyoka Izumi – Found My Way

Follow Kyoka’s lead with this indie pop/rock list about finding yourself








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