This Season’s Sleeper Hit Gets A Great English Cast – ZOMBIE LAND SAGA

Someone, somewhere in Japan, walked into a producer’s office and pitched an idea so bizarre, it’s actually happening. Whoever it was is a genius, because he or she must have said something along the lines of: “Let’s take zombies, plus idol-girl anime, put them in a meat grinder, and set that sh*t on fire.” And what happened? 

Japan just brought back to life not one, but two clichés in a way that is so refreshing you might die of laughter. It’s like a mixture you never thought would be good. But it is. 




Not only is the humor and timing ON POINT, but it is undoubtedly well-made with beautiful character designs and music that spans all anime genres. Yes, all. Spoiler alert: There’s headbanging death metal in Episode One! (See it dubbed October 28.)  


So, what’s it about? Here’s the official synopsis: 

It was a day like any other—the same old morning, same old music, same old peaceful life. Until everything fell to chaos at the hands of zombies! Caught among the living dead, seven girls find their lives turned upsidedown in a way they never saw coming. An eccentric man offers them an opportunity to become…idols?! Now they’re not just trying to stay alive, they’re trying to go live—on stage. 


Interesting, right? In fact, it’s so good we don’t even need to tell you that there’s an adorable zombie doggo in the mix. But we just did, because that pupper is real and we’re in love. 

We can’t wait to see where this show goes, but it’s off to a great start that has us super excited for the dub of Episode One premiering this Sunday! If you’re hungry for humor and horror that comes just in time for Halloween, give ZOMBIE LAND SAGA a try. It’s a treat. 




You’re sold on it already, we know. But just look at this incredibly talented English cast doing the dub: 


Main Cast

SAKURA MINAMOTO – Brina Palencia

KOTARO TATSUMI – Ricco Fajardo

SAKI NIKAIDO – Caitlin Glass

JUNKO KONNO – Amanda Lee

YUGIRI – Stephanie Young

LILY HOSHIKAWA – Sarah Wiedenheft

AI MIZUNO – Bryn Apprill

TAE YAMADA – Dawn M. Bennett



ROMERO – Alejandro Saab

WIG – Cris George

HOCHU – Mike McFarland

MALE COP 1A – Austin Tindle

ADR Crew

ADR Director- Jad Saxton

Assistant ADR Director – Tia Ballard

Lead ADR Engineer- Jamal Roberson

ADR Engineer – Albert Chang

ADR Script Writer- Katelyn Barr

ADR Script Supervisor – Jeramey Kraatz

Mix Engineer- William Dewell