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You should be watching Golden Kamuy. It’s a rare show set in the early 1900’s that blends dark humor, brutal action, and themes, with plenty of bizarre & memorable characters to make a one-of-a-kind anime. It’s absurd and sometimes gross, yet funny and a total ride from start to finish. And now that season 2 is airing this season (Fall 2018), there’s even more to love!


Need a little more convincing to get into Golden Kamuy? Maybe you want to jump right into Golden Kamuy Season 2? Or maybe you even forgot some details that happened in season 1 with all the zaniness? Whatever the reason, we have you covered with a recap 60-second recap video for season one:



Synopsis: The high-stakes search for gold continues in the harsh wilderness of Hokkaido! More and more people seek the treasure map, and the race to find its living pieces is brutal as all get-out. War veteran Sugimoto and his guide to the wilds, Asirpa, are hot on the trail, and as long as they stick together through thick and thin—chitatap and miso—they’ve got a shot at finding that gold.

Watch both seasons of Golden Kamuy dubbed on FunimationNow here!

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