5 Reasons RADIANT Is A COMPLETELY Different Approach To Shounen Anime 

 In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new shounen anime in town, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before…while still being magically just like everything you love. 

 Welcome to the unique and beautiful world of RADIANT. 


How does it stand out, when shounen is a cookie-cutter anime genre filled to the brim with stories of young, shouty bois who want to be the best? 

5. Diversity plays a HUGE role. 

And we chose a diverse voice acting cast to reflect this.

The story dives into the very striking challenges of diversity in ways we don’t see anime often portray. The character design is strong, and the situations can get pretty real.

We needed talented voice actors who could relate to these characters. Check them out!

 4. It’s an anime kaleidoscope. 

Literally everyone who watches this show sees a different anime in it.  


 Why? Because it’s a homage to anime. When asked what inspired him to make RADIANT, here’s what the comic’s creator, Tony Valente, said:  


“My favorites are Dragon BallNaruto, and One Piece. When I think about making a manga, I don’t see a reason why I can’t do a Shonen Jump-like manga. I wanted to tell a similar type of story to please the type of reader that I am.” – Tony Valente (Crunchyroll) 


He has also mentioned Fullmetal AlchemistRanma ½, and more as favorites! Basically, it’s a real anime made by a real fan of anime, reminding us that sometimes dreams do come true. 


3. The RADIANT world is amazing. 

Islands among the clouds? Powers of Fantasia? Monsters that fall from the sky and curse you with noodles that grow from your nose? Yeah, that’s some good stuff. 

Seriously, the world-building in this story is solid. And of course, there’s magic powers, it’s a shounen anime, after all. But are the sorcerers all OP heroes who swoop in to save the day? Heck no! Their powers are called curses for a reason.  


Most people have useless curses, like nose noodles or headaches. Seth’s is a little different, however, which means the entire heretic-hunting Inquisition is keeping an eye on him. Why? Who knows…it’s so mysterious. 


2. The characters are 🔥

They kick so much tail it blows our minds. Seth most of all.  


In a lot of shounen anime, the main character’s goal is to be the best at something. Not Seth’s. While he does say he’s going to become the greatest sorcerer out there, his main goal is far more altruistic than his personal accomplishment. 


He wants to defeat the Nemesis monsters by destroying their source, the Radiant, so that no one has to ever fight them again. 


Also, have you seen Alma?! How many mom-figures do you find in anime who absolutely slay enemy monsters, take care of a little kid, all while completely missing an arm? 


What about Dragunov? He’s a fantastic villain, and when you throw in that accent…talk about the ultimate heartthrob!  


This cat. This glorious yellow cat that wants all your money. His name is Master Lord Majesty and we now have an adorable ball of fluff to blame for student debt. 


1. Last, but not least, RADIANT is French.  

Oui, it’s from the land of baguettes and pointy metal towers. More accurately, it’s based on a French comic by Tony Valente, which became so popular that studio Lerche in Japan adapted it into an anime.

How does being French make it unique? In a LOT of ways, mes amies. From little nuances like familiar western names, to noticeable differences in culture, design, and even storytelling. It’s exciting to pick out every moment and enjoy a new perspective! 


And that’s not all. But we don’t want to spoil it, so check out RADIANT yourself and let us know what you think about this different approach to shounen anime! 


Stream new dubbed episodes Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. ET.