March 2019 Limited Edition Sets – Code Geass Movie Trilogy, DARLING in the FRANXX, Full Metal Panic! IV and More


It’s that time again—check out the freshly-announced Funimation home video limited edition sets!

We have six new limited edition sets up for pre-order for the month of March. Here’s your sneak peek of what special items and upgrades you’ll receive for:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Trilogy Movie Box Set
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
DARLING in the FRANXX – Part One
• Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
Star Blazers – Space Battleship Yamato 2202 – Part One
Love Live! Sunshine!! – Season Two


Let’s begin!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Trilogy Movie Box Steelbook – I: Initiation + II: Transgression + III: Glorification

As you may have heard, a brand-new sequel movie to the hit mecha anime Code Geass will be hitting theaters from Funimation in 2019—it’s called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, and you’ll have to watch it on the big screen to see what’s going on with our favorite mind-controlling rebel leader after he, you know, died at the end of the series. To prep you for it, we’re releasing all three of the trilogy movies, which retell the story of the original two series, with brand new footage. This movie set comes in a sleek Steelbook—the only ever Code Geass Steelbook release!


This will be released in advance of the Lelouch of the Re;surrection theatrical release. Please note: due to materials availability from our partners in Japan, this release is subtitled-only with no English dub. Because of the single language, we have decided to release these movies in one set, rather than the three single movie sets as released by Sunrise in Japan, and at a lower price point than normal for a film trilogy.

Set includes:
• Embossed exclusive Steelbook housing all three films on three Blu-ray discs
• 3 art cards featuring elegant monochrome illustrations of Lelouch and Suzaku, from the Japanese releases



Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

It’s finally here! After over a decade since the previous anime release, longtime Full Metal Panic! fans will be excited to know that the fourth season is getting a limited edition full of exclusive content and bonus items!


Due to the unprecedented support of North American anime fans, our friends at Kadokawa reached out to offer bonus content that we’ve never had the opportunity to include before, to make this one of the most extras-packed limited editions we’ve ever released. We’re excited to announce that Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory includes a set of special audio drama CDs from the original Japanese release—an item we’ve never included in a home video release before—plus the English translation, so you can experience this important part of the story! If you’re not familiar with drama CDs, these are very common and popular releases in Japan, which use the original voice actors for a radio drama that tells additional—and exclusive—stories that build on the original anime. Listen to these to get more content and a fuller story!


In addition, the release includes a comprehensive art book full of illustrations, character art, and intricate mecha/weaponry sketches, plus an insane 2.5 hours of EXTRA extra footage. This is truly a VIP collection you won’t want to miss!

Limited Edition includes:
• 80 page art book including character designs, detailed sketches and line-art of the mecha units and weaponry, and vibrant key artwork.
• Japanese Special Audio Drama CD with 90 minutes of bonus content, with English translation booklet.
• Collectible rigid box with soft touch finish and foil design elements will stand out on your shelf!
• Features 158 minutes of extra content (in addition to the drama CD!), including episode commentaries, making-of footage, and much more!
• Extras:
o Episode 1 Commentary
o Episode 4.5 – Intermission
o Episode 12 Commentary
o Episode 8.5 – Intermission 2
o Episode 04 Video Commentary
o Location Scouting 01
o Location Scouting 02
o Location Scouting 03
o Making of Music
o “Even…if” Music Video
o Promo Video
o Textless Opening Song “Even…if” Versions 1, 2, and 3
o Textless Closing Song “yes”
o Trailers


We’re ecstatic to provide a version of this release with over 4 hours of bonus content, 80 pages of artwork, and some unprecedented extras, for true collectors. The only way to release this enormous number of extras—possibly our highest offering of extra content at the normal limited edition price point–we needed to do a large print run of limited editions, rather than split the print run with a standard edition, to make the release economical and pass on savings to you. There will not be a standard edition release during the first print run.



DARLING in the FRANXX – Part One

One of the most talked-about new anime from 2018 is coming home… in an extraordinary limited edition that embodies the feisty spirit of Zero Two herself! Given the memorable visuals from Trigger and A-1 Pictures, our designers sought to develop a fitting look for this set, and we’re proud to unveil the striking visual effect of the configuration of this release. Part One is housed in a unique horizontal chipboard box (with space for Part Two!), enclosed in a clear plastic semi-transparent sleeve, which overlays the logo over your choice of Zero Two or Hiro, depending on how you flip the box. It’s definitely a great conversation piece focused on shelf envy.


This set also boasts a replica of THE picture book “The Beast and the Prince” that features heavily in the show as seen in the episodes in the upcoming Part Two, plus an incredible amount of artwork with a 40-page artbook, including key frames from the Japanese release.

Limited Edition includes:
• Horizontal reversible rigid collector’s case with clear APET o-card
• 40-page art book
• 20-page picture book
• 10 art cards featuring artwork of the Parasites from the Japanese release
• 12 episodes + extras on Blu-ray and DVD
o Episode 6 Commentary
o Episode 12 Video Commentary
o Pre-Broadcast Special
o Web Previews
o Textless Opening Song “KISS OF DEATH”
o Trailers



Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


From overworked to overpowered.

One night, after an exhausting 30-hour shift, everything changes for 29-year-old programmer Suzuki “Satou” Ichirou.

Whereabouts unknown and nearly half the age he once was, Satou awakens in a mysterious land where videogame mechanics are his greatest strength. Game UI, endless inventory space, and the ability to become more skilled with the push of a button make navigating this expanse a breeze. However, just because he’s level 310 doesn’t mean everything will be easy. With demons terrorizing the populace, only Satou and his adorable companions can protect this new world while simultaneously reaping the rewards!


Limited Edition includes:
• Specialty Print Rigid Box
• 40-page art book
• Acrylic Satou Standee
• 12 episodes + extras on Blu-ray and DVD Plus Digital Copy
o Episode 5 Commentary
o Textless Opening Song “Slide Ride”
o Textless Closing Song “Suki no Sukiru”
o Trailers



Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 – Part One


Godspeed, Yamato!

Three years after the Yamato’s voyage to restore Earth, humankind has begun a military expansion. However, a new threat emerges that will force the Yamato and its crew to undertake one more mission for the good of their species.

Thus, the journey continues in this re-adaptation of the classic space drama – following the limited edition for 2199, we have our limited edition for 2202 with more bonus content than before!


Limited edition includes:
• Rigid collector’s case with specialty printing and space to house Part Two
• 40-page hardcover art book
• 8 art cards featuring gorgeous illustrations from Japan
• 13 uncut episodes + extras on Blu-ray and DVD
o Interview with Ken Meseroll (the original voice of Derek Wildstar) & Christopher Wehkamp (the 2199 & 2202 voice of Susumu Kodai)
o Episode Commentary
o Special Theatrical Trailer
o Textless Opening Song (“Uchu Senkan Yamato 2202”, Multiple versions)
o Textless Closing Songs



Love Live! Sunshine!! Season Two

Shine bright like an idol!

The second school term at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School has started! Although Aqours participated in Love Live with the goal to stop their school from closing, they were eliminated in the Regional Prelims, unfortunately. However, instead of getting discouraged, they renew their determination to work hard to participate in the next Love Live. As a first step, in order to increase the number of prospective students, they decide to hold a live concert at the school open house, but just when they start practicing for it, Mari delivers shocking news.


A February title, this was announced last month, but we wanted to share the news again about this shiny limited edition. Love Live! Sunshine!! Season Two will be available only as a limited edition with a collector’s box with room to house both seasons. All of the nine Aqours girls are featured throughout the release – who is your oshi?

Limited edition includes:
• Rigid collector’s case with specialty printing and space to house Season One
• 40-page art book filled with official information about Aqours
• 9 art cards featuring each member with art from the Japanese releases
• 13 uncut episodes + extras on Blu-ray and DVD
o Promo Videos
o Textless Opening Song
o Textless Closing Song
o Trailers


Are you ready to add these to your collection?