The wait is over! Download to Go debuts on FunimationNow for Android and iOS today!

Attention all FunimationNow premium subscribers—one of your most requested features launches today on Android and iOS. Download to Go!

No more anime-free plane rides, no more anime-less vacations in the middle of nowhere, and, as long as you plan ahead, no more waiting with bated breath as the spotty hotel internet struggles to buffer the video at the worst possible time. Included with no-charge to your current $5.99 subscription, and just in time for your holiday travel and family gatherings, this is the update for those who often find themselves on the go.

We’re so excited to bring you this feature, and your FunimationNow experience will only get better as we go along. For now, the content you download defaults to your language preference in your account settings for FunimationNow. That means if you have your default set to “English,” your downloads will be dubbed; likewise, “Japanese” will subbed.*

Download to Go is just the latest user-requested feature that we’ve added and we’re always listening for ways to improve your anime viewing experience on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Smart TV versions of the FunimationNow App. Here are just a few other enhancements we’ve recently made:

  • Use PS4/Xbox One controllers and keyboard attachments to navigate the app menus more efficiently.
  • Customize your default language, subtitles, and closed caption settings.
  • Create a queue to keep track of the shows Future You will watch.
  • Binge like a champion, no interaction required, with our new Marathon feature!
  • Find the shows you want faster using the updated and improved search function.

So there you have it. Break out your controllers and universal remotes, download your favorite shows, and keep letting us know how we can improve your FunimationNow experience!

*Due to licensor restrictions, some content will not be available as part of Download to Go.