The My Hero Academia Season 3 Part 1 Limited Edition is 🔥PLUS ULTRA🔥

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We have an ULTRA exciting reveal for you! The Limited Edition is HERE for My Hero Academia Season Three Part One, and we’re sharing a first look at all the items we have included!


Available May 7, 2019

Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives. When a student gets taken away by The League of Villains, it’s time for All Might’s most critical battle with the mastermind, All For One!

The Limited Edition includes:

💥Embossed collector’s rigid box with space to house Season 3 Part 2

💥Season  3 Part 1 on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

💥60-page art book

  • Filled with art from the Japanese home video releases including characters in different outfits as well as storyboard art from key moments in the season!

💥Acrylic standees of Deku and Bakugo!

💥Chibi Bakugo keychain

  • Add our favorite explosion boy to your chibi keychain collection from the previous limited editions!

💥10 holographic trading cards

  • Collect all of the villains to go with the students of U.A. High from the previous limited editions!

💥Special features:

  • Interview with Daiki Yamashita (voice of Deku) and Yuki Hayashi (composer)

  • Inside the Episodes videos

  • Dub Outtakes and more!

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