Set Sail With One Piece at a Time, Funimation’s First Branded Podcast! ☠️

The One Piece anime is turning 20 this year and at Funimation we intend to celebrate its run! As part of our celebration, we’re binging as much of the series as we can by the anniversary date on October 20th, 2019 and by creating a podcast series to go along our binge. Weekly, we’ll be watching One Piece, following the Merry Route, and  releasing One Piece at a Time podcast episodes.

All of our podcast info can be found here — welcome to the home base of One Piece at a Time! You can find plenty of tools to enjoy the podcast and the One Piece anime. We’ll be updating this page with links to podcast episodes, schedules of the binge guides, Easter eggs that go along with the show, and more. Come aboard our journey!

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One Piece at a Time Podcast

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One Piece at a Time Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 1The Journey Begins! In this first episode, Josellie & Godswill start the One Piece binge, where they watch the show from the beginning following the Merry Route binge schedule (8 episodes at a time) and go over each one in this weekly podcast. As it’s Josellie’s first time watching the show, she’s shocked at how goofy Luffy is and the hosts react to Zoro joining the crew, the fight with Buggy and much more!
  • Episode 2 – Lying is Bad,Kids
    The journey continues as the duo power through episodes 9-15 of the One Piece anime, where they meet (Captain) Usopp and go through his saga against Captain Kuro. Godswill learns lying is bad when they see the effects Usopp has on the town and later discover what happens when a real pirate crew clashes with the Straw Hats!
  • Episode 3Jango & The PussyCats
    The duo can’t get over the moonwalking Steven Tyler lookalike nor the cat-themed pirate group. Josellie & Godswill go over anime episodes 16-23 and discuss Usopp’s (brave) attempts to ward off pirates, the effectiveness of hypnotism and using it for good, and if it’s possible to really use three swords like Zoro. Also Godswill has the Django theme song stuck in his head…
  • Episode 4We’re hungry, Sanji!
    Who doesn’t get hungry when talking about Sanji’s backstory? Hosts Godswill and Josellie reach the Baratie, the seafaring restaurant where Sanji works as a sous chef. With anime episodes 24-30 come his tragic backstory, the menacing Don Krieg, and the harrowing Mihawk. A hearty helping of the podcast is coming right up!
  • Episode 5 – The 93 Million Berry Woman
    Maybe Josellie’s opinion of Nami gets better after anime episodes 30-37 in this podcast episode? You gotta listen! We bring in our first guest, Jonna Miller (Senior Copywriter at Funimation), who explains Nami’s plight in the most eloquent manner. 
  • Episode 6 – Godswill’s Scariest Episode 
    There’s a One Piece anime episode in week 6 of the Merry Route that Godswill hates watching because he can’t swim. He also brings the waterworks as we finish the Arlong Park arc and get through Nami’s story. Plenty emotions are experienced by our two hosts!
  • Episode 7 – Divine Smoke
    Our hosts finish the first season of One Piece with a trip to Loguetown in episodes 48-55. They face the fearsome Smoker, learn that Luffy doesn’t drink, meet the man everyone calls Daddy, and much more.
  • Episode 8 – The Evil Known as Eric
    Josellie is determined to show Godswill that dragons can be good when they go through One Piece episodes 56-63. Even though it’s a filler arc, the two fall in love with Grandpa Ryu, wonder what animals they would talk to and laugh at a guy named Eric.
  • Episode 9 – Ballistic Boogers
    In anime episodes 64-71, the duo finally make it to the Grand Line and get One Piece started. They party with the denizens of Whiskey Peak, geek out over Zoro’s slicing skills, and get inspired by Coby’s new workout plan. Godswill also learns the correct way to clear his throat thanks to Igaram. 
  • Episode 10 – Jurassic Piece
    We welcome a new guest Trixie, the cutest Triceratops baby you have heard so far. In episodes 72-79, Josellie, Godswill, and Trixie brave Little Garden, a land full of dinosaurs and also home to two warrior giants!

Binge Schedule Guides

Merry Route – If you’re interested in watching One Piece but at a more manageable pace, we have the schedule for you: the Merry Route! With eight episodes a week, you should be able to catch up to the end the post-Enies Lobby arc (episode 325) by the anniversary date on October 20th. This will be the perfect spot that will leave you hungry for more One Piece where you won’t want to stop! Also this is the schedule that we’re following for the podcast.

One Piece at a Time Podcast

Sunny Route – If you’re interested in watching One Piece all the way to where you’ll be caught up with anime watchers in time for the 20th anniversary date, go on the Sunny Route! With about 22 episodes a week, you’ll have a great pace that should take you to the current simulcast episode.

One Piece at a Time Podcast


Watch One Piece Episodes

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One Piece at a Time Podcast

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Early Grand Line View (Episode 45)

Alabasta View (Episode 94)

One Piece Podcast

One Piece Crew

Get to know the Straw Hat members better with the 101 videos and the One Piece Crew page that will give a quick refresher on who each member is and what motivates them in reaching the One Piece!