The Best Reactions to The Promised Neverland 😱

The Promised Neverland had a killer first season. Theories and speculation have run rampant among new fans across message boards and subreddits, and with every new episode came a whole new slew of questions. Even manga readers, who certainly know many of The Promised Neverland‘s twists and turns by this point have been caught off guard by how the anime adapts the source material.

So we gathered some of our favorite reactions to moments from the season and we figured it was time to share.

Basically everyone after that first episode:

Then there was this:

Episode 5 was a big one:

Basically our forever mood:

And that feeling waiting for another episode:

How about that final episode?

And the eternal wait for what comes next:


What are your favorite moments from The Promised Neverland? Head on over to the forums to play tag and totally not get eaten by demons.