Oh Brother—And Sister! We’re Celebrating the Ten Best Anime Siblings! 🎉

Whether you’re close to them or close to strangling them, siblings are just a part of most families! And for National Sibling Day, we’re celebrating our favorite top 10 anime brothers and sisters. 

The Silva Siblings: Nozel, Nebra, Solid, and Noelle—Black Clover

This set of silver-haired nobles take sibling rivalry to the next level! While Noelle, the youngest, is struggling with controlling her powers she also has to deal with complete disdain from her older brothers and sister. She’s not even allowed to be on the same squad! But she’s going to prove she can break out of their shadow and bring just as much pride to the Silva name as the three of them.  

Sakura and Touya Kinomoto—Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

A pure and perfect show of loving siblings! Though Touya may tease her, he’s the perfect older brother constantly looking out for her. While Sakura frets over her older brother who works so hard at various part time jobs and goes to college. They’re just good kids!

Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia—Code Geass

Lelouch and Nunnally have had a pretty hard life after watching their mother die and then getting banished from the kingdom. But Lelouch’s dedication to create a perfect world for his beloved little sister is truly admirable…albeit a bit terrifying.

Haru and Hachi—My Roommate is a Cat

Is there anything cuter than animals who are siblings? No, there’s not. And Haru and Hachi are the absolute cutest! Though they were separated at a young age, these two kittens get a chance to reunite and it tugs at our heartstrings to see these two precious babies together. 

Ikuya and Natsuya Kirishima—High Speed! Free! Starting Days

For a lot of siblings, the older one is someone the youngest aspires to be like or surpass. And that’s definitely the case with Ikuya and Natsuya! Ikuya works his butt off to be as good of a swimmer, if not better, than his brother Natsuya. And the best thing about it? Natsuya completely supports and encourages him! Though they’ve had some rough waters in their relationship, these two brothers have turned out to be great support for one another!

Natsu and Zeref—Fairy Tail

Sometimes siblings are complete opposites of each other—just like Natsu and Zeref! These two have the most intense sibling rivalry ever. One, the most evil mage to ever exist and the other, a great hero of Fiore! These two have come head to head numerous times and one day, only one will be left standing!

Touka and Ayato Kirishima—Tokyo Ghoul

A ghoulish pair! These two give us a glimpse of a real ghoul family in Tokyo Ghoul. Touka may be older, but Ayato promised he would always protect her. After their father was hunted down, Ayato lost faith in humans and ruthlessly climbed the ranks of Aogiri Tree, even calling Touka weak for befriending humans. But just when Touka thought he’d gone totally rogue, it turns out that he always had a soft spot for his sis and was protecting her from behind the scenes the whole time!

Rem and Ram—Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

The twin demon maids! These two ladies have had a rough past but managed to get through it by sticking together. Cute, almost perfectly in sync yet still opposites, and fiercely protective of one another, these two hit all the tropes that fans love about twins!

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin—Ouran High School Host Club

Another set of twins for the win! The Hitachiin twins gave us everything from twin-swap hijinks to that oddly satisfying romantic tension—these brothers were close in the best way possible. Even better was watching them learn to rely on others and not just each other, even though it was heart-wrenching to see them suffer!

Yuki and Ayame Soma—Fruits Basket

From the cool, calm Yuki to the loud and flamboyant Ayame, these two brothers are complete opposites! Thanks to their family curse and age difference, they don’t have the closest relationship—after all can a snake and a rat get along? But, Ayame wants to have a better relationship with his younger brother and tries his best to close the gap! And Yuki is taking the small steps to meet him halfway.  

Did your favorite set of sibs make the list? Tell us who your favorites are and if you and your family share similar traits to your faves! And don’t forget to check out all these titles and more on FunimationNow.