What We Know About Fairy gone So Far

Fairy gone has taken the Spring 2019 Season by storm since we first got a glimpse of the show’s preview. Here’s what we know about this original anime so far:

1. It Has Strong Pedigree

Fairy gone is brought to you by the creator of Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions, Ao Jūmonji, the director for Drifters and Cells at Work, Kenichi Suzuki, and the studio that brought us Angel Beats and Shirobako, P.A. Works.

2. The Story is Set In a Post-War World

After the civil war is over, former soldiers become government dogs, mafia members, and even terrorists in search of purpose beyond the battlefield.

3. Fairies Are Used As Weapons

By transplanting the organs of a possessed animal into a person, humans are able to partially summon fairies and use them as weapons.

4. It’s Giving Us Awesome Steampunk Vibes

Just look at those outfits.

From Episode 1:

5. Fairy gone is FULL of Action

In just the first episode we witnessed swords clashing, gunshots fired, fierce fighting sequences and powerful fairy dueling.

6. Ver and Marlya Have History

Marlya and Ver are survivors of the war. They escaped together when their hometown, Suna, was burned to the ground. So far we know they somehow lost touch and Marlya had been using the mafia to try to find Ver.

7. Dealing with Fairies is Illegal

Since the war, summoning fairies has been outlawed. But the mafia sells fairies and fairy-related items to the highest bidder. Free Underbar had been infiltrating the mafia, until an incident during an auction resulted in his identity revealed and Marlya accidentally obtaining the power to summon a fairy.

8. Dorothea is the Fairy Police

A government-endorsed organization called Dorothea deals with fairy-related crimes, such as fairy auctions and illegal fairy-summoning. After reuniting with Ver briefly at the auction, Marlya decides to join Free and Dorothea. This to prevent getting arrested for (accidentally) obtaining an illegal fairy and at the same time try to find Veronica.

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Fairy gone will be available dubbed on FunimationNow on 4/28.