I Want To Believe – Celebrating the Paranormal in Anime

May 3rd is National Paranormal Day where the freaky, abnormal, and strange is uncovered and celebrated. Within anime, there are plenty of extraterrestrials, unidentifiable creatures, spirits & ghosts, and other unknowns that we want to bring out for you to see. Check out our list of paranormal anime that you should be watching.

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Mob Psycho 100

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Psychic extraordinaire Reigen Arataka and his (esper) pupil Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama spend their days exorcising all manner of ghosts, spirits, demons, and the like… for a fee. Throughout the series, the duo answer the call to bust a few ghosts as well as other powerful espers that would use their hidden powers for evil!

Midnight occult civil servants

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When Miyako Arata starts his brand-new job as a civil servant, he’s shocked to find out he’s not serving the regular public—he’s working with supernatural beings! Referred to as “Anothers”, Miyako and his team deals with the trouble they cause, unseen by the human eye. But while on his first assignment, Miyako surprises everyone with an unheard-of ability—he can understand the Anothers!


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In the world of Gantz, when you die, you’re reincarnated for another chance at life… after a mission. The mission? To kill aliens hidden in the population!

After a person has died, he or she is conscripted by a black sphere that hands out high-tech weapons and transports the unknowing soldier to a battlefield where they must duke it out with brutal and formidable extraterrestrials. But if they die this time, it’s permanent.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

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Puberty Syndrome is a rare disease that affects teenagers as they go through traumatic experiences which causes supernatural side effects such as being invisible and forgotten out of existence, causing random wounds to appear, Freaky Friday body switcharoos, and more. Luckily for many of the afflicted, Sakuta is there to (has to) help them reverse the symptoms if he wants to live a calm and not interesting life.


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When the inexplicable needs solving, you don’t call the police, you call the Circus! In the world of Karneval, gruesome monsters known as “varuga” hide amongst the people and feed on humans. The defense agency known as “Circus” is the only hope to protect the unwitting society against these humanoid monsters.

Interviews with Monster Girls

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Need a cute paranormal anime to cleanse your palette? Look no further than Interviews with Monster Girls! In their world, people can be half-human/half-monsters commonly known as Demis. Through the series we get to learn about 3 high school Demis: a vampire, a dullahan, and a snow woman as well as a succubus teacher. Maybe this may change your mind on the paranormal.


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Ginko goes from land to land chasing rumors of Mushi- natural spirits that most humans are unaware of- as a researcher, exorcist, investigator, and helper to those affected by them. Each encounter with the Mushi is different and otherworldly. Nothing is as it seems and is never black or white- good or bad.

Watch More Paranormal Anime Today!

We’re only going to put seven anime in the list because that’s a lucky number and you’ll need that to ward off any crazy spirits. What are your favorite paranormal anime? You can find tons of paranormal anime titles that will fit your mood on FunimationNow!