Black Clover Season 2 English Cast List

Here is the full cast list for Black Clover Season 2! Watch both seasons of Black Clover dubbed on FunimationNow.

Synopsis: Asta and Yuno are two orphans who want the same thing: to become the Wizard KingLocked in a friendly rivalry, they work hard towards their goal. While Yuno excels at magic, Asta has a problem uncommon in this world: he has no powers! But, on the day they receive their grimoires, they surprise everyone. To reach their goal, they’ll each find their own path to greatness—with or without magic.

Episode 55
Asta Dallas Reid
Fanzell Eric Vale
Mariella Alexis Tipton
Narrator Cris George
Yuno Micah Solusod
Episode 56
Cat 56A Felecia Angelle
Charmy Sarah Wiedenheft
Dominante Katelyn Barr
Fanzell (Grey) Eric Vale
Finral Brandon McInnis
Galleo Taylor Harris
Gauche Dave Trosko
Gordon Mike McFarland
Grey Jarrod Greene
Luck Justin Briner
Magna Ian Sinclair
Noelle Jill Harris
Vanessa Lydia Mackay
Yami Christopher R. Sabat
Episode 57
Cidane Tyson Rinehart
Dominate (housewife) Katelyn Barr
Dominante (saleswoman) Katelyn Barr
Fana Jeannie Tirado
Queen of Witches Jamie Marchi
Sekke Garret Storms
Episode 58
Akimo Skyler McIntosh
Ladros Chris Gardner
Mars Jason Liebrecht
Mohawk Jeremy Inman
Episode 59
Fana (young) Jeannie Tirado
First Wizard King (young adult) Chris Burnett
Licht Jerry Jewell
Nebra Mallorie Rodak
Noelle (young) Jill Harris
Solid Chris Wehkamp
Episode 60
Ladros (young) Chris Gardner
Mars (young) Jason Liebrecht
Episode 63
Devil Cris George
Episode 69
Balmain Tyler Walker
Episode 70
Kaiser Mark Stoddard
Mereoleona Monica Rial
Episode 71
Acier Luci Christian
Episode 73
Cob Anthony Bowling
Xerx Greg Lush
Zora Johnny Yong Bosch
Episode 75
King Clover Sonny Strait
Fragil Leah Clark
Hamon Kyle Phillips
Episode 76
Puli Jessica Cavanagh
EMCEE MAGE Chris Thurman
Rill Derick Snow
Episode 77
En Jim Foronda
Episode 79
Zara John Swasey
Episode 80
Finnes Amanda Lee
ADR Director Cris George
Asst ADR Director Anthony Bowling
Dallas Reid (ep 72, 77)
Lead ADR Engineer Jeremy Woods
ADR Engineer Austin Sisk
Ryan Urbanovsky (ep 61)
ADR Script Writer Bonny Clinkenbeard
Katelyn Barr (ep 77)
ADR Script Supervisor Bonny Clinkenbeard
Mix Engineer Gino Palencia