Fairy Tail – Erza’s Workout Plan

Want to face the enemies of Fiore Kingdom but don’t even lift? We’ve got the perfect workout routine built by the strongest, most badass lady around—Erza Scarlet! Get prepared to work your core and be stronger than ever before with this guaranteed* regime.

*we guarantee nothing


400 Re-Quip Dips

Change your outfit and your body with these intense Re-Quip moves!

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1,000 Sword Swings

Don’t skip arm day! The best way to tone those muscles is swinging your sword over and over and over and over again!

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2 Hour Bar Maid Balance

Balance booze and keep your composure while working the room and your core!

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Strike the Fear Hour

Give your vocal chords a warm-up while keeping your troublesome friends in line! And if shouting doesn’t work, there’s always brute force.

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300 Fairy Squats

Show your guild pride while building those leg muscles! Also great when breaking up fights between guildmates.

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100 Enemy Takedown

After a week of intense training you should be ready to face 100 enemies. Hell, make it 200 if you want to add pure pandemonium to your workout!

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Cake Cooldown

Working seven full days is insane. Take a rest day and eat your favorite pastries—you deserve it!

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Need some inspiration to get your work out started? Catch up with Fairy Tail Final Season today!

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