Fruits Basket Seiyuu Meet-and-Greet at Otakon!🌸

Three of the Japanese voice actors for the 2019 Fruits Basket anime will be attending Otakon 2019, and here’s your chance to meet them and get an item autographed!


🌸🌸 🌸🌸
Manaka Iwami
(Tohru Honda)
Nobunaga Shimazaki
(Yuki Soma)
Makoto Furukawa
(Hatsuharu Soma)


Ticket launch: July 12, 2PM ET/11AM PT
Signing event: July 27, from 2PM to 3PM


Otakon’s autographing area.
Due to the voice actors’ tight schedules and other considerations from our partners, this meet-and-greet session is limited to only 50 participants.


  • A ticket is required is required to participate, and tickets are only available to fans who pre-order Fruits Basket on North American home video. We understand that the demand of this opportunity is quite high and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
  • As part of the meet-and-greet session, all participants will receive an exclusive Fruits Basket shikishi Japanese autograph board with Fruits Basket artwork, that will each be pre-signed by hand by all three actors.
  • A translator will be present to facilitate communication.
  • Unfortunately no handshakes or photos are allowed.

🌸How to receive a meet-and-greet ticket:

Please read the full explanation as this procedure may vary greatly from other meet-and-greet or autograph session events.

  • Pre-order Fruits Basket (2019 version) Season One Part One Limited Edition. Only fans who pre-order this version from the Funimation online shop will be able to receive a ticket.
  • Save your order number & email address you used. You will NEED these to complete the ticket sign-up form, later.
  • Watch for the ticket sign-up announcement on Twitter, 07/12. The meet-and-greet sign-up will be posted on the official Fruits Basket Twitter at 2:00 PM ET/11AM PT on Friday, July 12. It will link to an Eventbrite form! Reservations for the ticket will be first-come-first-served and capped at 50. We strongly suggest completing your pre-order before the Eventbrite tickets go live, in order to ensure a fast and smooth signup.
  • Complete the Eventbrite form. To reserve your ticket, you will need to input the order number you received from your Funimation pre-order in the Eventbrite form. Please also input the email address you used to complete your order.
  • Double, and triple check that everything is right! Funimation will check the Eventbrite signups to make sure that the order numbers and email addresses provided in the signup match the orders on our online shop. If the order number does not match a valid pre-order of Fruits Basket (2019) limited edition home video product, we will cancel that Eventbrite ticket and open a slot for other fans to sign up.
  • Bring your Eventbrite ticket with you! On the day of the event, please bring your Eventbrite ticket to the venue to be verified by our staff.