Fashion Icon of Fiore Shares His Coolest Tips!

It’s Gray week! To celebrate, we want to help you get the coolest looks around based on our favorite ice mage. Whether you’re looking to strut that shirtless style or show off the perfect pair of boxers, the fashions of Gray Fullbuster are sure to fit.

No Shirt, No Problem

Forget the tops, it’s all about the bottoms! Why constrict your movement in battle when baring it all gets much better results? Rip that shirt off and let a pair of nice pants be the star of your battle-ready look!

Boxers or Briefs?

When the battle heats up, you need to stay cool. And the best way to do that? With a pair of fashionable but comfy boxers! Just strip down to your breezy undergarments and keep the fight going.

Bonus if you can catch the enemy off guard with your exposed bod!


What goes best with a bare chest? A statement piece, of course! Nothing makes a bare essential look better than a shiny silver necklace.

The Cold Never Bothered You Anyway

Who needs a jacket when fighting in below freezing temps? Not you! With the power of ice at your disposal, the cold can never get to you. Strip that outer layer off and embrace the cold!

All Natural

These styles are great and all, but only one look stands above the rest. Take off that top, rip off those pants, and slide those boxers off for the natural look. Strut your stuff as only you know how to do—with nothing on!

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