How To Serve Human Meat – A Gourmet’s Guide 🥩🍷

Author: Monsieur_Goulash 

To this day, I am baffled when someone tells me they’ve never heard of the Gourmet. He’s the greatest gift to Tokyo’s underground restaurant scene, and a glorious culinary chevalier, for crying out loud!  

Thus, in his honor, and as an avid fan of his work, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile some of the necessary basics of fine human dining. This should be a great benefit to the more… humble among our kind, and hopefully raise your palates to a perceptiveness that would even impress the Gourmet. Let’s begin. 

First, consider your cuts.

This simple chart below highlights the primal pieces that should be saved from any whole-body harvest. As always, make do with what you have, but don’t let your appetite get the better of you. A well-prepared meal is worth the wait. Patience, mon amie!

Next is pairings!

Nothing finishes off a fine plate like a perfectly paired wine. A good rule of thumb is to match meats with red veinos, and offal with whites. Not sure how to obtain 16 ounces of perfectly blended O+ and AB reserve? Fear not! Where ghouls have needs, the underground bleeds.

So, the next time you’re entertaining guests, delight them with a plate of ribs and a nice cabernet. Or, if you’re cooking lighter fare, such as vegan sausage, perhaps a rosé will do. Go crazy with it, get creative. Just be sure you never settle for less than the exquisite.

If you’re curious to see the one and only Gourmet in action, he has graced us with a feature film extravaganza. An entire movie about his greatest culinary exposé, with heart-rendering drama!

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