Win a Fruits Basket Shikishi Signed by the Japanese Voice Cast!

Fruits Basket fans! If you were not able to get a signed shikishi from the Japanese voice actors Manaka Iwami, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Makoto Furukawa at Otakon, here’s your chance. We are opening up a lottery system for a limited number of signed shikishi provided by the voice actors for fans who pre-order the Fruits Basket Season One Part One Limited Edition. This chance is only applicable for this limited edition, and not the standard edition or any other Fruits Basket product.

All fans who pre-order the set by the release date November 19 will be eligible. On this date, we will select winners and contact you via the email address provided in your order to verify your prize, and then send the winning items.

Thank you again to our Japanese partners for helping to arrange these special items with the voice actors!