Fall in Love With the Gorgeous Characters & History of Kochoki

Kochoki is one of the most beautiful shows of the summer season, utilizing stunning visuals to tell the story of young Oda Nobunaga, a prominent Japanese historical figure from the Sengoku period.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s also appeared in anime like Nobunagun and Sengoku Basura! 

Gif of Nobunaga turning into butterflies, and Kochoki title screen

But you won’t just get to know Nobunaga. There’s a lot of interesting historical faces in Kochoki, each wonderfully designed by Atsuko Nakajima, the character designer for Hakuoki!

Let’s take a look at some of the characters you’ll meet and a bit of history from their real-world counterparts!

🦋 Oda Kazusa no Suke Nobunaga

  • Childhood Name: Kippoushi
  • Who: Heir/Head of Oda clan, Lord of Owari Province, Lord of Nagoya Castle, Lord of Kiyosu Castle. The series’ protagonist, his flamboyant appearance and eccentric personality plays boldly and cunningly in the political struggle to be the Oda clan head.
  • Real-World History: Born as second son in Owari to Oda Nobuhide (a deputy military governor with Owari Province lands). Nobunaga brought all of Owari under his rule after succession disputes, rose in power after campaigns against other lords, and then was betrayed and killed at Honno-ji. (June 23, 1532–June 21, 1582)

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🦋 Ikeda Tsuneoki

  • Childhood Name: Katsusaburou
  • Who: Oda clan retainer, Nobunaga’s right hand.
  • From childhood, Tsuneoki has loyally served Nobunaga. 
  • Real-World History: Ikeda Tsuneoki, a feudal lord and military commander served as retainer to Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, known for participation in battles such as Battle of Anegawa and Nagashino. His names include Ikeda Nobuteru, Shozaburo, and Shonyu. (January 31, 1565–March 16, 1613)

🦋 Oda Nobukatsu

  • Childhood Name: Kanjuuro
  • Who: Nobunaga’s brother, Lord of Suemori Castle. Though he followed Nobunaga closely as a child, Nobukatsu is popular with, and supported by, many retainers of the Oda clan to be leader instead of Nobunaga.
  • Real-World History: Known also as Oda Nobuyuki and Kanjuuro, he was the son of Oda Nobuhide and younger brother of Oda Nobunaga who conspired against Nobunaga. He was lord of Suemori Castle, which was taken by Ikeda Nobuteru. (1536–November 22, 1557)

🦋 Kichou

  • Who: Nobunaga’s wife and daughter of Lord of Mino Province (“The Viper of Mino”).
  • As a ninja, Kichou joins the story with a deadly mission from her father but eventually becomes loyal to Nobunaga.
  • Real-World History: Lady No, also known as Nohime and Kichou, was the daughter of Saito Dosan, the Lord of Mino, and Oda Nobunaga’s legal wife. Very little historical record remains of her though she was said to be very beautiful and intelligent, with many stories and theories surrounding her. (Dates of birth and death unknown.)

🦋 Maeda Matazaemon Toshiie

  • Childhood Name: Inuchiyo
  • Who: Nobunaga’s attendant, fourth-eldest son of the Maeda clan. Maeda greatly admires Nobunaga and joins Nobunaga’s staff as a child, working his way up.
  • Real-World History: Skilled fighter with a spear, Maeda Toshiie served Oda Nobunaga loyally from childhood, leading to being awarded as head of the Maeda clan despite being the fourth son. He continued serving under Toyotomi Hideyoshi. His names include Inuchiyo, Yari no Mataza, and Matazaemon. (January 15, 1538–April 27, 1599)

🦋 Tsuzuki Kurando

  • Who: Nobukatsu’s retainer. Supports Nobukatsu and schemes to raise Nobukatsu up against Nobunaga.
  • Real-World History:Retainer of Oda Nobuyuki. (Dates of birth and death unknown.)

🦋 Takugen Souon

  • Who: Buddhist priest who provides insights to various parties throughout the story. He travels, and is knowledgeable about current events, medicine, etc.
  • Real-World History: Takuden Souon, a Buddhist high priest, was close to the Oda family. He served as not only mentor to Oda Nobunaga, but as the first priest of Seishuji, a temple Nobunaga built in memory of Hirate Masahide. (Dates of birth and death unknown.)

🦋 Hirate Masahide

  • Who: Oda clan senior retainer. Served under Nobunaga’s father as his right hand, accomplished great military and political feats, and also helped raise Nobunaga.
  • Real-World History: Retainer who served both Oda Nobuhide and Oda Nobunaga as a talented samurai and diplomat. He committed seppuku, with the speculated reasoning including taking responsibility for Nobunaga’s irresponsible behavior. (1492–February 25, 1553)

🦋 Saitou Dousan

  • Who: Kichou’s father, nicknamed “The Viper of Mino” and Leader of Saito clan. Lord of Mino Province, he schemes to gain power, both against Nobunaga, as well as internally with family. 
  • Real-World History: Starting as a monk, he became lord of Mino Province. Known also as Saitou Toshimasa, Viper of Mino, Yamashirou no Kami, and Saitou Yamashirou-nyudou-no-kami. (1494–May 28, 1556)

🦋 Ikoma Kitsuno

  • Who: Nobunaga met, and was attracted to, Kitsuno as a child. They meet again years later. She is daughter of the Ikoma household.
  • Real-World History: Daughter of the Ikoma clan, she first married Yaheji Dota who died in battle. She became Oda Nobunaga’s concubine after returning to her family home. She gave birth to Nobutada, Nobukatsu, and Tokuhime. (1538–1566)

🦋 Other notable characters

  • Oda Nobuhide, leader of Oda clan, Nobunaga’s father. 
  • Dota Gozen, Nobunaga’s mother.
  • Oda Nobuhiro, Nobunaga’s older half-brother.
  • Hayashi Hidesada, Hayashi Michitomo, and Shibata Katsuie; retainers who all strongly support Nobukatsu as leader.

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