NYCC 2019: Coolest Anime Collectibles from the Showfloor

When it comes to high-quality collectibles, there’s no finer showcase for what’s out there than the convention floor of New York Comic Con. This year was no different, as companies like Kotobukiya, Funko and Titan Collectibles brought their A-game to bring some of the most beloved anime brands out there — Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibato life.

From expertly-crafted prototypes to statuettes that would look great bookended by an anime Blu-Ray collection, there was something for just about anyone to window shop.

Check out our list below of the ten coolest collectibles we saw on the show floor this year. Did we miss anything? Let us know on the Funimation Forums.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba figures from Kotobukiya

These incredibly-detailed figures from Kotobukiya look like they leapt from the screen right out of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The company promises releases for Tanjiro, Nezuko and Zenitsu in 2020, and had a few prototypes on display at New York Comic Con.

You can bet we’ll be picking these up when they release. In the meantime, you’ll find us re-watching Demon Slayer… again.

My Hero Academia figures from Titan Collectibles

Can we give it up for collectibles with a clear and distinct art style? These little guys and gals from Titan Collectibles thoughtfully recreate the cast of My Hero Academia and would certainly make for a stylish addition to any shelf or display.

Plushes!! from Various

Who doesn’t love plushes? We spotted chibi plushes for a number of shows, from Tokyo Ghoul and Ken Kaneki to the casts of One Piece and the Dragon Ball series.

Though, we definitely have a soft spot for all of the different My Hero Academia varieties. Seriously, we just want to collect one of every character.

My Hero Academia figures from Funko

When in doubt, go with Funko. The My Hero Academia Funko Pop! exclusives at New York Comic Con were pretty amazing. They included the long-awaited figures of villains Dabi and Stain, as well as the Funimation-exclusive Silver Chrome All Might!

There were also plenty of others available all around the show, but we can never get enough of the Funko Booth exclusive offerings!

Goku vs. Broly figures from Tamashii Nations

If you’re looking for some faithful recreations of heart-stopping moments from a series like Dragon Ball Z, look no further than the work of Tamashii Nations.

This Goku vs. Broly display was easily one of the craziest, most intricate setups we saw at the convention, and it took everything in our power to not max out a credit card and pick them up right then and there. Wow.

Cowboy Bebop figures from Tamashii Nations

3, 2, 1… take all of our money! These incredible recreations of some of the Cowboy Bebop cast (and the Swordfish II!) were real stunners on the show floor, and plenty of people stopped by just to take a picture of them.

Like many of the other collectibles on this list, all we want to do is save up to buy these figures and re-watch the show in its entirety again. That’s cool, right?

Dragon Ball Series figures from Bandai Shokugan

Aren’t they adorable? Much like their chibi brothers and sisters, these Dragon Ball collectibles from Bandai Shokugan are a must-have for any serious collector of the franchise.

Not only are the colors and models so distinct, but they look even better as a set. Seeing them all next to each other makes you want to collect every character from the series, even Mr. Satan!

Dragon Ball figures from Funko

Where there are Funko Pop! figures, there are bound to be some Dragon Ball Z ones. This year’s New York Comic Con exclusives included Piccolo floating and meditating and a Super Saiyan Vegeta using one of his signature moves — Final Flash!

Funko continues to amaze us with the molds and models of its recent figures, adding things like energy blasts or fire and ice effects to their newer releases. We can only imagine what’s on the horizon!

All Might XL (Glitter) pin from FigPin

To wrap things up, we’ve got to go with the All Might XL (Glitter) FigPin, which was one of Funimation’s Premier Exclusives for the convention. This massive pin is quite hefty, but looks amazing on the shelf.

It’s also worth shouting out the FigPin app, which really gives you a depth of ownership for your collection, allowing you to look at everything from factory grade to print run on your pieces.

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