Fall 2019: Three Shows You’re Sleeping On 😴

Stars Align

We all know how this is goes. You catch rumblings here and there about how good a new show is, tell yourself you’re gonna check it out and then by the time people are really talking about it, the show’s almost over and you still haven’t seen it.

Then, before you know it, a new season of anime rolls around and those other shows sit on your “Plan to Watch” list on MAL forever.

These are the three shows you’re sleeping on this season. Let’s do this.

Stars Align

Stars Align

Now, we’ve seen some people picking up on this one, but for the most part, you’re all sleeping on this show.

The story centers around a boy’s soft tennis club that is… not even a little bit good. It’s to the point that they’re at risk of being completely disbanded if they don’t get their act together and starting winning, well, anything. So, they recruit a new transfer student with some incredible reflexes, as seen in the most whole scene of the season so far — where he catch a cat mid-air.

The thing is, this isn’t just another cute school club show. There is something truly special about Stars Align. Everyone we’ve talked to mentions something to the effect of how good it is, from its story to its design.

The soft, dreamy artwork is incredibly inviting and serves as a strong counter balance to some of the extremely tough, raw subject matter the show presents.

The characters are refreshing and navigate this world with an adolescent realism that jumps well outside typical stereotypes. Not to be corny, but, true to its name, the elements of this show really do line up to create something wonderful. Light-hearted comedic and silly moments are balanced out by real conversations and quiet resilience. Yes, there’s action and sports, but there’s also devastating reality and pure, wholesome joy.

We’ve walked into just about every episode ready to laugh, cry and cheer these characters on. If you’re sleeping on this show, you’re truly missing out.

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No Guns Life

Juzo No Guns Life

Next up: No Guns Life. We feel like before this season kicked off, people were really curious about this show. Sure, that’s partially do to Hideo Kojima himself tweeting about reading the manga, but also because the setting is quite extraordinary.

We’ve all heard a wild anime premise or two in our time, but when you find out about a show where the main character’s head is literally a revolver, it gets a bit more attention.

If you’ve had your eye on this one but haven’t gotten around to starting it just yet, you’ve got to get on it.

It’s got everything you need: an evil corporation that turns peoples’ body parts into weapons, a nun who *spoiler* is actually a super ruthless assassin, a dark jazzy metropolitan aesthetic and a MAIN CHARACTER WHO HAS A GUN FOR A HEAD.

No Guns Life is as action-packed as it is insane to describe out loud. Don’t sleep on knocking this one off of your list.

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RADIANT Season 2

Finally, friends, stop sleeping on RADIANT. We all know shonen shows where someone tells you “Oh, it’s so good! Once you get to episode 80, things really pick up.” That’s not RADIANT. By the time the very first cour wraps up, it’s already a different show with no sign of slowing down.

To sum things up, RADIANT takes place in a fantastical world full of magic energy called Fantasia, with monsters that fall from the sky and people who survive encounters with them, becoming cursed. Those outcast by society for this are known as sorcerers.

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Season 2 has just started and episode after episode continues to be interesting. Last season, we watched a massive floating city almost be destroyed, and this season we’re already on the brink of a gigantic war.

And listen, this isn’t just mindless action. This show gets into it. There’s a heavy focus on the world itself and its social dynamics, and the show does not beat around the bush. When it comes to a hard examination of right and wrong, these cast members are humanized on all sides.

Plus… airships?! Yes. French source material? Sign us up. A layered world affected by monsters whose very existence is shrouded in mystery? All. Day. Long.

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