Four Can’t-Miss Hero/Villain Matchups from the Fall Anime Season

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The everlasting contrast between good and evil is alive and well in our fall anime lineup. From the Fire Force companies vs. the Evangelist-led White-Clad, to the Hero Agencies vs. The League of Villains and Shie Hassaikai, heroes and villains connect with fans in unique and creative ways in and outside of their battles.

The hero/villain relationship

A hero is often introduced and established to the audience at the very start of most stories. It’s here where our bond begins to form with the character.

Just when the feeling of contentment settles in our hearts, the hero is suddenly thrust into new surroundings — courtesy of tragic events usually stemming from the villain’s actions. Now the hero’s proving grounds arrive. Here, self-reflection leads to doubt. But a mentor may show up and help the protagonist realize inner truths that unshackle the hero! And this is the moment fans anxiously wait for because now the hero is ready to face and overcome the villain!

Every hero’s journey is different. But the beauty of the journey is what keeps fans coming back forever: the showdowns! And with that, here are four hero and villain face-offs from fall anime.

Company 8 vs. White-Clad inFire Force

fire force hinawa nether

One of the newest and hottest anime of the year has one of the best heroes and villains matchup. Fire Force is comprised of eight Fire Force Companies around Tokyo that investigate death by Spontaneous Human Combustion.

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And the White-Clad organization and the Evangelist seem to be behind it all. In the current Netherworld Arc, Company 8 heads to confront the White-Clads where several amazing battles take place! You definitely won’t want to miss this arc!

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Eagle Union vs. Sakura Empire in AZUR LANE

azur lane sakura empire

Both nations used to be allied under the Azur Lane military alliance. After defeating the mysterious Siren, the Sakura Empire decides to form an alliance with Iron Blood and use the dangerous alien technology to their advantage.

Many battles take place, but the one between Enterprise and Zuikaku in Episode 2 is especially explosive!

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Suneater vs. Toya, Hojo and Tabe of the Eight Bullets in My Hero Academia

suneater big three my hero 2 academia

This seemingly quiet and reserved Big 3 member finally breaks from his shell in Episode 71 of My Hero Academia. As the group of heroes led by Sir Nighteye and Fat Gum journey into the depths of the Shie Hassaikai hideout, they come across Mimic who uses his quirk to drop the heroes into a room with Eight Bullet members Toya, Hojo, and Tabe.

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Tamaki steps forward and confidently says he can take on the Shie Hassaikai members on his own. Thus, this 3-on-1 skirmish ensues! 

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Seiya & Ristarte vs. The Heavenly Kings in Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Seiya and Rista Cautious Hero

When the Goddess Ristarte is tasked with saving her world of Gaeabrande, she summons the overpowered hero, Seiya, to save it from the Demon Lord and the Heavenly Kings — four demons with immense power. Chaos Machina, the first of four Heavenly Kings, takes on Seiya in Episode 2.

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