Five Wholesome Sibling Relationships in Anime

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Kathleen Townsend
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By Kathleen Townsend

Anime is filled with siblings at odds, just look at series like Code Geass or Fire Force. And while we love a good rivalry, anime is also filled with amazing and positive sibling relationships. Whether they’re close in age and great friends, supportive brothers on an epic journey, or an older sibling looking out for their younger one, wonderfully wholesome siblings in anime are abound.

Here are five wholesome sibling relationships that give us the warm-fuzzies and a model to look up to.

Edward and Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

FMA Brotherhood

If sacrificing two of your limbs and literally walking straight into the afterlife for the sake of your brother doesn’t qualify you for sibling of the year, nothing will.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are perhaps two of the most caring siblings you’ll find in anime. After a failed attempt at transmuting their mother back from the dead, Edward saved his younger brother by binding Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. In exchange, Edward lost an arm and leg.

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But if saving your sibling’s life isn’t wholesome enough for you, these two brothers have a lot more worth emulating. While they might have their spats, they communicate with one another and understand each other’s unique perspective.

With unwavering loyalty, trust, love and support, these brothers are there for one another through the toughest of times. They are without a doubt the sort of brothers worthy of emulating. We just hope you won’t find yourself needing to bind your sibling’s soul to anything.

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Shizuru and Kazuma Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho

Everyone needs an older sister as supportive as Shizuru Kuwabara. While little brother Kazuma is the one fighting new baddies every episode, both siblings have psychic abilities and fighting know-how.

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While Shizuru may have taught her younger brother how to fight and defend himself the hard way, it sure comes in handy when fighting demons. These days, the pair’s relationship has changed a little. Shizuru may be a little hard on her brother, but she watches out for him as well. It’s under Shizuru’s advice that Kazuma goes to Genkai for guidance on his psychic abilities and begins cultivating them in earnest.

During tournaments, she’s right there in the stands, rooting for her brother. Even when it comes to schoolwork, Shizuru pushes him to study and do well. Now that’s a great sibling relationship.

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Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi in Lucky Star

kagami tsukasa hiiragi

Let’s hear it for the twins, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi! These sisters are high school students and fraternal twins with two other siblings at home. Despite having very different personalities and habits, the two remain extremely close and are a part of the same friend group. These girls always support one another and help the other get back on track when necessary — sometimes with light admonishment — even if their troubles are due to their own bad habits.

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Sweet and kind, younger twin Tsukasa likes to sleep in late, puts off doing her homework, can be a little klutzy and forgetful and is a wonderful cook. More outspoken, older twin Kagami is an early riser, puts in the extra effort to get good grades and is an avid gamer.

The pair balance each other out well. Instead of focusing on their differences, Kagami and Tsukasa help one another on a regular basis and build each other up whenever they get the chance. Not only are they amazing sisters, they’re best friends.

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Kenji and Noe Kazama in D-Frag!

You can’t get more wholesome than making your older brother’s lunches. And that’s exactly what Noe Kazama does for her older brother Kenji every morning.

With identical hair and eyes, it’s not hard to tell that Kenji and Noe Kazama are related. These two are very similar, with only a year between them, but they have a great relationship to boot. Both have the same sharp retorts, though with Noe’s personality leaning a bit on the shyer side, her retorts tend not to be voiced until she hits a breaking point.

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Noe is supportive of her older brother, even if Kenji is a bit of a delinquent and part of the strange Game Creation Club (Provisional). Even if Kenji wanted to keep the fact Noe makes his lunch every day a secret, he still brings it to school and gets upset when his friends try to eat it.

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Patty and Liz Thompson in Soul Eater

Patricia (Patty) and Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson support one another both on and off the battlefield. Older sister Liz is the more mature of the pair, with younger sister Patty being more naïve and immature at times.

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These two sisters have the ability to turn into guns, used by none other than Death the Kid. And when he isn’t around, both sisters can use the other in their gun form in battle. Even their outfits match! Fighting well together takes practice, skill and understanding your fighting partner. So, who better to team up with than your sister?

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There you have it. Five amazing, wholesome sibling relationships we all aspire to have. So let your siblings know how much you appreciate them, and let us know who your favorite wholesome anime siblings are down below in the comments!

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