Quirks & Questions: Do You Think Bakugo Smells Like Caramel?

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Bakugo Quirks MHA

Welcome to Quirks & Questions, a weekly letters column where you, a My Hero Academia fan, write into Funimation (that’s us) about all things related to your favorite superhero anime.

Have questions about what’s happened so far on My Hero Academia? Want to share your love for the characters of the show? Just want to rant about what makes the series so great? We want to know!

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Every week, we’ll answer a handful of your letters on the Funimation Blog, so be on the lookout for a response.

Mirio Deku MHA S4

What is your opinion on season 4 so far?

from Madison

Hi Madison, thanks for writing in! We think Season 4 has been incredible so far! We loved the way it started out as we got to learn more about Sir Nighteye, Mirio and other members of the Big Three, and it was all built around the mystery of Overhaul and his dealings in the shadows.

And now? Well, we’re even more excited to be watching now, as Deku, Mirio, Kirishima and the others make their way deeper into the Shie Hassaikai headquarters! Every week is action-packed, emotional and it just keeps getting better.

All Might My Hero

Hello from a small town in Alabama! I just wanted to say I’ve loved everything about this show. It’s given me chills. It’s made me feel so many things: happy, alive, scared, sad, and hopeful. I don’t have internet due to financial reasons so I try whenever possible to watch it at a friend’s or if I’m around wifi. I love collecting whatever sort of memorabilia I can. Easily one of the best parts of my life right now and I can’t wait to see more! Thank you so much for an amazing show and for all that you’ve done.

from Mat

Mat, we can’t tell you how happy reading this message made us! If you are on Twitter, we’d love it if you could reach out to us! We’d love to make it a little bit easier for you to watch the series without internet.

And you bring up a point that is so true to life when it comes to what My Hero Academia means to so many people. It’s a show that is so wonderful at bringing out all of our emotions, and that can be really healthy. Thank you so much for writing in and thank YOU for watching!!

i love kirishima the most hes best boy he deserves everything thank u for listening

from aj

Well, aj, we also love Kirishima very, very much. Red Riot has not only given us one of the most emotional, powerful scenes in My Hero Academia so far, but we’re also increasingly convinced he’s one of the best heroes out there!

Can we also give a major shout out here to English voice actor Justin Cook’s performance as Kirishima during this season? We’ve cried… every time.

bakugo MHAS1

Do you think Bakugo smells like caramel because nitroglycerin smells like burnt sugar

from Lemons

We’re not sure if we’ve ever smelt nitoglycerin, but we’ll take your word for it that it smells like burnt sugar.

That being said, we can’t say definitively that the good, good exploding hero Bakugo smells like caramel, but we can certainly speculate that he might! That kinda alleviates the whole sweating equals odor thing, right?

mina ashido my hero academia

I can relate to Mina the most. She is wacky, fun, and lovable. I love her 💖

from anonymous

We love an Alien Queen!! There’s this energy that Mina Ashido brings to basically every scene she’s in that is so electrifying. We were super excited to see her in that recent flashback with Kirishima.

It only further proved that she’s a kind and humble hero with one of the coolest Quirks!

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