No Guns Life Returns for Second Cour in April, New Visual Revealed

Juzo No Guns Life

Upset that No Guns Life is approaching its finale? Well don’t worry, because the Madhouse anime is returning for a second cour in April 2020.

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In addition to confirming the show’s return, the official Japanese Twitter account revealed a new visual for the series to be distributed on a clear file at this year’s Jump Festa. Take a look:

No Guns Life follows Juzo Inui, a mercenary for hire who tracks down criminal Extended, individuals with mechanical enhancements to their body. Juzo himself is an Over-Extended, someone with extensions that go beyond the legal allowance.

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As a relic of an old war, Juzo is really just looking to mind his own business and make a living, but the first cour of the series sees him wrapped up in a conspiracy that could shatter society as they know it.

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