A Decade of Anime: Favorite Anime Film

The 2010s brought with them an incredible amount of amazing anime films to experience. Through the works of Makoto Shinkai, Mamoru Hosoda and so many more, anime fans were able to experience breathtaking worlds, emotional stories and heart-wrenching adventures.

Everything from tentpoles for some of the biggest anime franchises in the world to passion projects from Japan’s top creators graced the silver screen this decade.

Presenting the fan-voted favorite anime film of the decade:

Your Name. (2017)

your name key art framed

Many films have great animation, but a film of the decade has to do more. It must tell a story that is compelling, rich, and captivating; it must seamlessly weave emotional depth into its narrative; and it must have music that perfectly punctuates key moments.

What’s more, it should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. Makoto Shinkai’s masterpiece Your Name. does all of that and it succeeds amazingly. Like the kumihimo braids featured in the film, the story expertly folds together a rich narrative and powerful symbolism until we finally discover the connection between Taki and Mitsuha.

The stellar rock of Radwimps captures how we feel at every twist and turn of the plot thread, and the result is a powerful tale about human connection that impacts us long after the credits roll. It also happens to be the highest-grossing anime film worldwide — of all time.


A Silent Voice (2017)

There are emotional films, and then there are those that break down all the walls and leave you feeling all of the feels at the end. A story of bullying, seclusion and learning to overcome personal demons, A Silent Voice is a movie that pulled at the heartstrings and made so many of us cry.

After teasing Shoko relentlessly when they were kids for being deaf, Shoya feels insurmountable guilt when he meets her again as a teenager. Determined to apologize for his cruelty as a child and hoping to learn more about her, the two slowly work to rebuild their relationship, helping each other through their own mental and emotional pain.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2019)

dragon ball super broly anime film eod

Nothing quite packs a punch the way Dragon Ball does. For Dragon Ball Super‘s first theatrical release, the team at Toei Animation pulled out all of the stops. Dragon Ball Super: Broly was a breathtaking explosion of color and animation, bringing fan-favorite characters into canon and reminding everyone just how much staying power Goku and Vegeta truly have.

It would go on to set records as the #1 Dragon Ball film and the content of the movie itself was a feast for fans and a celebration of a franchise completely ingrained in pop culture.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

my hero academia two heroes anime film eod

As the first film outing for the franchise, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes came out swinging and went beyond. Fans were treated to a ton of backstory for All Might as the movie explored some of his time in America and his early days as a Pro Hero.

But My Hero Academia: Two Heroes also gave the spotlight to a number of students from U.A., as characters like Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Ochaco and Momo each got a chance to shine as they fought their way to the top of a building to stop a brutal villain.

Promare (2019)

promare anime film eod

Promare exploded into the latter half of 2019 after its limited release run in theaters around the world. What was originally intended to be a two-day showing turned into a near three-month extension of screenings, accompanied by a special redux event and fan screenings.

The movie revolves around the heated heroic lead and rookie member of Burning Rescue, Galo Thymos and the equally passionate leader of the terrorist group Mad Burnish, Lio Fotia.

The combination of an incredible soundtrack composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, beautiful and intense animation courtesy of Studio Trigger, and an original story line that sets one’s heart on fire, it’s no wonder Promare finds itself in this list.

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