Fate/Grand Order and Ensemble Stars! Were Some of Twitter’s Most Discussed Games of 2019

gilgamesh fate/grand order
gilgamesh fate/grand order

By Deanna Nguyen

Earlier this week, Twitter published a blog post that listed the most discussed video games of 2019 on the social media platform. More than a billion gaming tweets were posted during 2019—a 20% increase from 2018—with Fate/Grand Order ranking first, beating Fortnite for the second year in a row

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Fate/Grand Order wasn’t the only Japanese mobile game that made the top 10—Granblue Fantasy, Ensemble Stars! and Monster Strike also led gaming discussions on Twitter last year. Japan ranked first as the country that tweeted the most about gaming, followed by the United States and South Korea.

Here’s the full list:

1. Fate/Grand Order

2. Fortnite

3. Final Fantasy

4. Identity V

5. Granblue Fantasy

6. Ensemble Stars!

7. Monster Strike

8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

9. Minecraft

10. Super Smash Bros.

Twitter also released the top 10 most tweeted gaming events of 2019 and Fate/Grand Order’s anniversary event, FGO Fes, ranked fifth while E3, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week and The Game Awards topped the list. As for the most tweeted gaming personalities, there weren’t any Japanese names that made the cut. 

With over 30 million downloads and $19 million revenue worldwide since its 2015 release in Japan, Fate/Grand Order has influenced several animated films, shorts and TV series adaptations, along with a couple of manga publications.

Following a similar pattern, Ensemble Stars!, a Japanese mobile CCG, garnered success since releasing in Japan in 2015. Currently, there is no announcement on an English release for the game. An anime series adapted by David Production premiered during the fall season of 2019—and is streaming subbed and dubbed on Funimation.

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