Attack on Titan Ride at Universal Studios Japan Detailed in New Promo

attack on titan universal studios japan art

By Yali Perez

A new promo has appeared for the Attack on Titan XR ride coming to Universal Cool Japan at Universal Studios Japan later this month, and it looks insane!

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The promo features park-goers escaping in a horse-drawn carriage from a slew of Titan monstrosities, including the Colossal Titan himself! But friendly faces appear to save the day, with Levi, Eren and other Scouts swinging in to take down the Titans.

Set to open on January 21, the ride is billed as an indoor roller coaster with virtual reality elements, making it an immersive trek through the world of Attack on Titan.

Will you escape, or will you be a snack for a titan? You’ll have until June 28 to head to Universal Studios Japan and find out.

attack on titan universal studios japan art

Attack on Titan will return for a fourth and final season in 2020. Stay tuned to Funimation for more information.

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