New Plunderer Key Visual Puts Hina and Licht Front and Center

Plunderer Hina Licht
Plunderer Hina Licht

Funimation has revealed the latest key visual for Plunderer, featuring Hina, Licht and other characters from the currently-airing series.

This key art is unique in that it was designed with Western audiences in mind as part of a close collaboration between Funimation, KADOKAWA and the Plunderer design team.

Plunderer Key Visual 2020

With Funimation on the production committee for Plunderer, they hope to bring more exclusive content like this to Western anime fans!

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Plunderer takes place in a world where your Count is everything — a number notating a specific action or event in your life. For main character Hina, it’s how many kilometers she’s walked in her life, and she’s walked a lot.

The series began airing on Funimation subbed and dubbed January 8, and should be a major highlight of the Winter 2020 anime season.

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