Black Clover Celebrates 5 Years With Special Art From Director

Black Clover Header 5th Anniversary
Black Clover Header 5th Anniversary

By Tom Speelman

Happy anniversary, Black Clover! In celebration of the manga’s fifth year, the official Japanese PR account for the series posted a full-color illustration from series director Tatsuya Yoshihara.

In addition to the celebration post, the art will run in this week’s Japanese print edition of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The piece features Asta (Gakuto Kajiwara, Dallas Reid) and Noelle Silva (Kana Yuki, Jill Harris) posing triumphantly in their Black Bulls regalia alongside Yuno (Nobunaga Shimazaki, Micah Solusod) in his resplendent Golden Dawn uniform.

Black Clover, animated by Studio Pierrot, is currently in its third season. You can catch new dubbed episodes of the series on Funimation.

The original Black Clover manga by Yuki Tabata has run in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2015. The anime adaptation premiered in 2017 and will air its 125th episode in Japan this week. It follows Asta, a boy without magic but with superhuman fighting skills and an anti-magic grimoire, as he strives to be the best of the Magic Knights and become the Wizard King!

Have you been watching Black Clover since it started? Who’s your favorite character? How are you celebrating its 5th anniversary? Share this post and let us know!

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