Journey Westward with APPARE-RANMAN! on Funimation this Spring

APPARE-RANMAN! Spring header

APPARE-RANMAN!, the latest adventure anime from KADOKAWA, is coming to Funimation as part of the Spring 2020 anime season!

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Set in the late 19th century, APPARE-RANMAN! follows Sorano Appare and Isshiki Kosame, two Japanese characters that end up lost in America. Without any money to their names, this socially-awkward engineer and cowardly samurai enter what’s known as the Trans-America Wild Race, which will earn them enough prize money to get back home.

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Along the way, this buddy racing adventure has the two facing criminals, rivals and all the Wild West has to throw at them as they venture from one end of America to the other in a steam-powered car of their own making.

The Japanese cast for APPARE-RANMAN! includes Natsuki Hanae (Aldnoah.Zero, Digimon Adventure Tri) as Appare Seiichirou Yamashita (Mob Psycho 100, Orange) as Kosame. The production studio for the series is P.A. Works, with Masakazu Hashimoto (Professor Layton & the Eternal Diva, Fullmetal Alchemist) serving as director.

APPARE-RANMAN! Spring key visual

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