Pita-Ten, Galaxy Angel and More Nozomi Classics Arrive on Funimation

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Another batch of Nozomi Entertainment classics are coming to Funimation!

Starting March 17, stream all episodes of Pita-Ten, Galaxy Angel, Rental Magica and more when they arrive on Funimation.

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What will you watch first? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest on anime classics arriving on the platform. You never know what might show up!

Galaxy Angel Series (2001)

Galaxy Angel Banner Nozomi Entertainment

Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as “Lost Technology”. The only problem is that no one actually knows what the Lost Technology is!

Relegated to performing menial tasks of the highest priorities: a search for lost kittens, defusing of a talking missile, and delivering an old school ID – the Angel Brigade’s here to save the galaxy…one planet at a time!

Available subbed and dubbed in U.S./CA, with the exception of Galaxy Angel Rune (subbed only).

Pita-Ten (2002)

Pita Ten Nozomi Entertainment Banner

When your neighbor’s an angel in training, there’s no telling what could happen! Kotarou used to spend most of his time alone, but when the apprentice angel Misha moves in next door, his life is thrown into chaos. Misha immediately clings to Kotarou, but since she doesn’t know much about life on Earth, her “divine intervention” is anything but helpful. She constantly breaks things, gets into trouble, and causes all sorts of misunderstandings.

Now, Kotarou finds himself in one weird situation after another. Where will he end up next? The accidental lead in a school play? Literally glued to his friends? The victim of a voodoo doll? Who knows, but at least he won’t be bored!

Available subbed and dubbed in U.S./CA.

Fantastic Detective Labyrinth (2007)

Fantasy Detective Labyrinth Nozomi Entertainment Banner

Thirty years ago, Tokyo was destroyed in a massive earthquake. Most people have moved on to a new capital, Shinto, but a string of bizarre murders and supernatural events keep occurring in the ruins of the old city.

The only one with the ability to see through to the heart of these mysteries is the enigmatic Mayuki Hyuga, a boy with extraordinary detective skills and powers that even he doesn’t yet understand. Together with his guardian and butler Seiran Shinano, Mayuki must not only help the police solve cases, but also uncover the secrets of his lineage.

Available subbed and dubbed in U.S./CA.

Rental Magica (2007)

Rental Magica Banner Nozomi Entertainment

Destroying supernatural monsters…dispelling dark magic…it’s all in a day’s work for the mages of Astral!

However, after the mysterious disappearance of the company president, they’re left in a lurch. His son, Itsuki Iba, begrudgingly fills in, but Itsuki’s unfamiliarity with magic could spell bad news for Astra-especially with their rival Goetia vying for the very same contracts. As the jobs grow ever more dangerous, they soon find that staying in business is the least of their worries.

Available subbed and dubbed in U.S./CA.

Umi Monogatari (2009)

Umi Monogatari Banner

Marin and Urin are seafolk, people who live in a peaceful underwater world surrounded by bright fish and colorful coral. But one day, a beautiful ring falls from the “sky”-that dangerous place above the water-and the two girls decide to return the lovely trinket to its owner.

While the surface world holds amazing wonders for the pair, it also hides a great darkness…a darkness that Urin accidentally unleashes when she opens a stone box at a local shrine. Now it’s up to Marin, Urin and their new friend Kanon to set things right again before that darkness swallows the entire world!

Available subbed and dubbed in U.S./CA.

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