No Guns Life Reveals Star-Studded Collaboration for Season 2 OP

Juzo No Guns Life
Juzo No Guns Life

No Guns Life Season 2 is gearing up for its arrival in just a few weeks, and it’s already looking like this new season is going to be even more hype than the last!

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On Thursday, the series revealed that the opening theme for Season 2, titled “Chaos Drifters”, would be a collaboration between Hiroyuki Sawano and MAN WITH A MISSION’s Jean-Ken Johnny, two artists that are heavy-hitters when it comes to anime music.

While both have contributed a lot to the world of anime music, some fans might not be familiar with who these two artists are. Let’s break down exactly where you might have heard their work before!

Hiroyuki Sawano

Having composed soundtracks for dozens of top series like Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan and The Seven Deadly Sins, it’s more than likely that just about every anime fan has watched at least one series that Hiroyuki Sawano has created music for.

While he can make music to fit any style, he’s most known for his electronic sound.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign OP 1 – X.U.

Pairing an intense drumbeat and electric guitar with catchy synth accompaniments, X.U. is a perfect match for the series it’s connected with. Starting off a little mysterious, the song easily transitions into a high-impact, danceable chorus that will get just about anyone nodding along.

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Re:Creators OP – Gravity Wall

Leaning a little more on a rock-style drumbeat right from the beginning, Gravity Wall is a slightly slower track that still emphasizes Sawano’s skill at mixing synth with traditional instrumentation like drums and guitar. The lyrics talk about feeling trapped in emotional uncertainty, not really knowing what you want, but still pushing forward to find an answer.


A/Z is a perfect example of how slower songs can still pack tons of intensity. Sung by mizuki, the song’s lyrics talk about the uncertainty of future, and how we’re always walking a line between life and death, themes that fit perfectly with the constant struggle in ALDNOAH.ZERO.

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Jean-Ken Johnny is the guitarist and one of two lead vocalists in MAN WITH A MISSION, a rock group known for wearing wolf masks when they perform.

The group has toured with numerous other big-name rock groups, including Guns N’ Roses, Hoobastank, Rise Against and Jimmy Eat World. Fluent in English, Johnny is also in charge of rapping and often co-writes the group’s lyrics with bassist Kamikaze Boy.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans OP – Raise Your Flag

Simply put, “Raise Your Flag” is a song about rebellion. The lyrics talk about no longer mindlessly following orders, instead going after your dreams. Paired with a powerful rock beat and an epic symphonic accompaniment, this is a song that will leave anyone feeling empowered to get out there and take on the world.

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Log Horizon OP – database

Given this was an opening for an isekai series, database leans more into electronic sounds that the group’s music usually does. Jean-Ken Johnny’s really gets to showcase his rapping in this song, making it a great look at what we might hear a bit of in the No Guns Life Season 2 opening.

Golden Kamuy OP – Winding Road

“Winding Road” is an example of MAN WITH A MISSION’s more mellow sound. The song focuses on continuing to move forward as best you can in times filled with uncertainty and lies.

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