A Deeper Look at ID: INVADED’s Impressive OST Lineup

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ID: INVADED anime key visual

If you haven’t already checked out ID: INVADED, the latest series from Fate/Zero director Ei Aoki, you’re missing out on not only an intriguing sci-fi mystery, but also a series with a fantastic musical lineup.

Several popular Japanese performers and producers contributed to the series’ soundtrack, including tracks from MIYAVI, who was originally announced as the performer for the series’ ending theme entitled “Other Side.”


Known for his finger-slapping style on the guitar, MIYAVI is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who has collaborated with other popular artists like DAOKO, Kreva, Yuksek, and Hifana.

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He debuted in 1999 as the guitarist for the visual kei group Dué le quartz before going solo in 2002 when the group disbanded. Since then, he’s released ten albums, over 25 singles, and toured worldwide numerous times, performing in over 30 countries.

MIYAVI’s collaboration track with KenKen, the bassist for Japanese alternative metal band RIZE, was used as the opening theme for the 2018 anime series Kokkoku.

He also performed the theme song for the Blade of the Immortal live-action film that was released in 2017.

MIYAVI produced the insert song in episode 1, and “Samurai 45”, the insert song in episode 4.

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Kenmochi Hidefumi

Known to many as the man behind the music of Wednesday Campanella, Kenmochi Hidefumi is an instrumentalist whose style spans across multiple genres. Before the formation of Wednesday Campanella in 2012, Hidefumi released numerous solo works, including one album that was released by Nunjabes under his Hydeout Productions label.

Kenmochi Hidefumi produced the insert song in episode 6.


The first ever Grammy-nominated producer from Japan, starRo has produced numerous tracks for hip-hop and R&B artists in both Japan and Korea, including a track for Mad Clown and JUSTHIS’ collaboration group, Common Cold.

starRo produced one of two insert songs in the series’ finale.

Even More Talent

MIYAVI, Kenmochi Hidefumi and starRo weren’t the only artists who contributed to the series’ soundtrack. Kazuya Nagami, Hiroshi Suenami and soundbreakers also worked on tracks.

Kazuya Nagami provided the insert song for episode 9, Hiroshi Suenami and soundbreakers collaborated for the insert song for episode 10, and soundbreakers produced one of two insert songs in the series’ finale.

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