New SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime Announced: SHOW BY ROCK!! STARS!!

Show By Rock STARS Key Header
Show By Rock STARS Key Header

By Tom Speelman

Announced at the end of Episode 12 of SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!!, a sequel series called SHOW BY ROCK!! STARS!! is officially on the way!

The franchise’s official Twitter account reiterated the announcement, posting a new visual for the series and a link to the official website.

Per Anime News Network, the show will see the return of existing characters and cast to the franchise. Takahiro Ikezoe is returning as chief director, with episode director Daigo Yamagishi serving as chief animation director. Kinema Citrus will handle production.

Based on the smartphone game by geechs and distributed by Sanrio, the original Show by Rock!! anime aired in 2015 and was simulcast and dubbed by Funimation.

It followed shy schoolgirl Cyan (Eri Inagawa, Bryn Apprill) as she’s sucked into the world of the game, Tokyo Midi City, where she becomes a catgirl and joins a girl group. Its spinoff, SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!!, premiered as part of the Winter 2020 anime season and is simulcast by Funimation. It follows Howan (Hikaru Tono) and her bandmates in Mashumairesh!! as they strive to understand each other and become a band.

A release date for the new series has not been announced.

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