Heard Them Before? Fruits Basket Season 2 Opening and Ending Artists Revealed

fruits basket valentine's day anime
fruits basket valentine's day anime

The artists behind the Fruits Basket Season 2 opening and ending themes have finally been revealed! The first season of Fruits Basket came with a set of beautiful openings and endings, and now we’ve got a glimpse at what’s coming next!

The season opening, titled “Prism,” will be performed by AmPm featuring Miyuna, and the ending, titled “ad meliora”, will be performed by THE CHARM PARK.

AmPm ft. Miyuna

A shocking Spotify success story, AmPm’s big breakout moment was in 2017, when their debut track “Best Part of Us” racked up over 1 million plays in 10 days.

Their music is easy, laid back techno that you’d probably hear in a trendy cafe, shifting between tracks from tropical house to funk to ambient.

Accompanying AmPm’s electronic sound will be vocals from Miyuna. After uploading her demo to a popular indie music site, the 17-year old saw immediate success, being offered the opportunity to perform an opening and ending theme for Black Clover, as well as an ending theme for Fairy Tail Final Season.


Singer-songwriter THE CHARM PARK typically releases music that’s on the lighter side of the pop-rock spectrum. With smooth vocals and a classic band accompaniment, his songs are perfect for calming endings that don’t feel too much like a lullaby.

Charm originally debuted as the guitarist in the band Hemenway, whose songs were featured as themes for Naruto Shippuden, Eureka Seven AO and more.

Fluent in multiple languages including English, Charm’s first solo album as THE CHARM PARK was an all-English album released under Tower Records. His next full album release was two years later under Japanese label Avex.

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