Get Ready, Heroes! My Hero Academia Season 5 Has Been Officially Announced

My Hero Academia Season 5 Teaser
My Hero Academia Season 5 Teaser

By Tom Speelman

Get ready, heroes! Following the finale of the show’s fourth season, it has been confirmed that My Hero Academia Season 5 is officially happening and we can’t wait!

The global smash hit, based on the manga from Kohei Horikoshi, has taken its characters to new and challenging heights, with events like the fight against Overhaul (Kenjiro Tsuda, Kellen Goff) and the invasion of the school festival by Gentle Criminal (Koichi Yamadera, John Gremillion) and La Brava (Yui Horie, Megan Shipman) pushing Deku (Daiki Yamashita, Justin Briner) and his classmates to the limits and helping them grow as heroes and students.

Even recently, with Endeavor and Hawks teaming up to take on the threat of new Nomus! What challenges will our heroes face next?

An airdate for My Hero Academia Season 5 was not revealed, but fans are already anticipating the series’ return.

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