English Cast for Listeners Anime Includes Justin Briner, Bryn Apprill and More! 🎤

Listeners Dai Sato 4

Have you watched Episode 1 of Listeners yet? Well, maybe you heard some familiar voices if you did! Check out the English cast and crew for Dai Sato and JIN’s new anime below, and get ready for Episode 2 this Friday!

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Echo Rec – Justin Briner (My Hero Academia, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun)

μ – Bryn Apprill (Date A Live, High School DxD)


Jimi – Lee George (Free!: Dive to the Future, My Hero Academia)

Swell – Morgan Lauré (Death Parade, Stars Align)

McGee – Mark Stoddard (Dragon Ball Super, Tokyo Ghoul)

Ein – Mikaela Krantz (Darling in the FranXX, Dr. STONE)

Listeners Dai Sato 3


ADR Director – Cris George (Black Clover, Steins;Gate 0)

ADR Script – Jarrod Greene

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