Spring Into Action with this Season’s Anime Accomplishments!

Looking for a way to spice up your anime watching experience? Well, say hello to this season’s Anime Accomplishments!

Throughout the spring season, Funimation will be sharing questions about the latest anime, challenges around binge-watching classics and quizzes about your favorite characters, across its official Twitter and Instagram accounts!

When you see one of these posts, that’s your cue to jump in and complete the task at hand in hopes of claiming an exclusive digital badge delivered right to you!

These badges will be unique to the challenge and can be placed on this handy frame for you to share your accomplishments on your profiles! Collected a few you’re proud of? Tag us when you show them off and we’ll share the top earners!

Be sure to be quick about it, though, because these achievement badges will only be available for a limited time once a prompt is dropped. You may be asking “But it’s just a digital image!”

Well, if you go down that road and find them anyway, you’ll just be lying to yourself! We can’t wait to see your Anime Accomplishments!

Spring 2020 Anime Accomplishment Checklist

Spring Cleaning Badge

Music Easter Egg Badge

Friendship Badge

BINGO! Badge

Damage Control Badge

Caption Captain Badge

Flashback Badge

Binge Boss Badge

Isekai Badge

On the Air Badge

Press Pause Badge

Draw a Dino Badge

All-Time OP Badge

Anime Senpai Badge

Center Stage Badge

Creator Badge

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