5 Bakugo Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Bakugo Quirks MHA
Bakugo Quirks MHA

By Khadjiah Johnson

If you know My Hero Academia, you’ll certainly know Katsuki Bakugo to be the explosive rival of the series’ protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. He’s the designate savage that calls other classmates “extras” and isn’t afraid to shout “DIE!” while in battle.

He’s feisty, headstrong and…oddly motivational?

Some of my favorite moments from My Hero Academia are when Bakugo is the voice of reason. He’s adaptable, he never underestimates his opponents and, most importantly, he tells it like it is. Let’s look at five Bakugo quotes to keep you motivated!

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“If all you ever do is look down on people, you won’t be able to recognize your own weaknesses.”

If there’s anything that Bakugo hates more than losing, it’s when people underestimate his abilities. During the remedial course for his hero license, he was able to spot “the leader” in the group of kids. Chances are, Bakugo saw himself as the kid, as he led the swarm into chaos.

From the moment Deku leaps into action to save him early in the series, Bakugo realizes that he shouldn’t have underestimated someone without a Quirk. He might still browbeat Deku, but he knows his rival is powerful.

For us in the real world, we often look at those without our means or privilege or talents as people who don’t have the capacity to succeed. But we all have the ability to observe others, and we’re all more than our weaknesses. If you’re too busy pointing out what someone else is lacking, you’ll find yourself lacking something as well: drive to go beyond!

In the end it doesn’t change what I have to do…I’ll become a hero and surpass even you!”

We all know Bakugo has an unhealth—amazing relationship with competition. When he arrived at U.A. High School, his goal was to surpass everyone. And when Bakugo turns his grief into fuel for his goals, it makes me think about how we all go through this same thing to overcome our failures.

Bakugo has always looked up to All Might. And when he realizes Deku is the one to receive that power, I could imagine that it is heartbreaking. Someone that seemed powerless now has the power to surpass you?

But the lesson here is that Bakugo proves that while you’ll get support sometimes, it might not be how you picture it. Sometimes the best support is when you exceed the goals you set for yourself, not the way you compare yourself to others!

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“There’s no way I could beat you without taking any risks.”

One of my favorite quotes in My Hero Academia is when Bakugo and Deku go up against All Might during their exam. Of course, Bakugo having to be teamed up with Deku definitely pissed him off.

But Bakugo takes a risk here, puts aside his pride and heads into battle with his greatest rival. Bakugo wants to be recognized as the best hero no matter what it takes, which seems a bit unhealthy. But the explosive hero turns this into a positive when he lets go of his ego.

Granted, he uttered the above quote right before he plans to blow All Might to bits, which itself is a huge risk, but this scene highlights the message: Sometimes taking a risk means setting aside your pride for the ultimate end goal.

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“No matter who it is, I won’t let you catch up to me, let alone get ahead of me.”

One thing I appreciate about Bakugo is that he’s unafraid to show what he’s learned when he needs to. He’s brash and cocky at times, but he has the power to back it up.

Bakugo is intelligent and quick-footed, and because he’s worked so hard to develop his Quirk, he knows how to use it in creative ways. He’s a prime example of how we can be talented, but not depend on talent alone to be the best we can be. Once Bakugo saw Deku’s power, he cast off his own righteousness and utilized his abilities and energy for his own self-improvement.

It’s important to reflect on our own battlefields and really look at what “getting better” at something means. What does the endgame look like? What about beyond that?

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“No matter how much trouble he is in, he always wins in the end.”

I love Bakugo’s “on sight” spirit. As a child, he and a group of friends stared at a television outside a shop and watched All Might save the day. In that moment of admiration, it felt like Bakugo took that energy upon himself.

When he vowed to become a hero, he knew he would be the best. But he’d be fair, like when he goes up against Todoroki during the U.A. Sports Festival. If his opponents aren’t at full power, did he really accomplish his goal?

During the fight between All For One and All Might, Bakugo felt guilty. He felt powerless. Completely contrary to his ideology, he was broken when the flame of the No. 1 hero went out. And so, he pushed forward, with the idea of the mantle in mind, but charting his own path.

And with this quote, and the rest of the batch above, it’s important to keep this in mind: A hero always wins, no matter how hard he has to fight for it.

Now that’s motivation.

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