Top 5 Fights in Black Clover (So Far)

Black Asta Black Clover Top Fights

By Dan Exclaims!

Black Clover is a series that only recently I was able to dive in and catch up on. But now that I’ve had the time to truly enjoy everyone’s favorite screaming, magic-less wizard, I am PUMPED.

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This is a series that excels through its use of action, music and character animation, especially when it comes to its many showdowns between heroes and villains. Let’s take a look at what I think are the top five fights in Black Clover, so far! And yes, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

5. Yami vs. Licht

Yami Black Clover Top Fights

By now, we’ve seen Asta take on Mars and discover his new sword, and the bad guys for the next 80 or so episodes finally face off against our heroes in this one!

Among the melee, we see the underrated Black Bulls take on the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami is insanely strong, and if it weren’t for him overwhelming Licht, the Black Bulls might not have prevailed against his light magic.

4. Everyone vs. The Devil

Asta vs. Devil Black Clover Top Fights

I remember when Black Clover first started airing. The animation has always been clean and stunning, and we were quickly introduced to a world with a fleshed out universe. Within just the first episode, we learn about the Wizard King, the Clover Kingdom and the grimoires.

But we also learn about the markings on the grimoires and just what it means to have a devil sneak an extra leaf onto a four-leaf clover. And that brings us to the mastermind of everything, and the showdown between, well, everyone and The Devil.

Not only is this guy responsible for the death of Lumiere and Licht, but it’s the reason why Asta’s grimoire has a devil sneaking around inside of it. It takes the collective power of everyone to fend him off, and while we were glad to see the fight, we’re also glad to say goodbye to The Devil.

3. Wizard King vs. Patry

Wizard King vs. Patri Black Clover Top Fights

This fight finds itself in the middle of this list because of its story. Julius was the amazing Wizard King, whose power was said to rival that of the very first Wizard King! And there’s Licht, now Patry, who believes the King has what he needs to bring back all of the elves.

Here, Patry proves that he’s a villain ready to take lives. And for us viewers, we learned that even the Wizard King could be expendable.

2. Black Asta vs. Ladros

Black Asta Black Clover Top Fights

Finally, Asta gets the use of his arms back! But the Queen of Witches not only restored that mobility, but awakened something supernatural in our protagonist. Asta’s limiter on how much Anti-Magic he could absorb was increased, bringing forth a new form (with major Sephiroth vibes!).

So, when all seemed lost in the fight against Ladros, Asta activates his Black form, making short work of the Diamond King General. With PEAK animation for the series, this fight easily stands as one of the best.

1. Black Bulls vs. Vetto

Everyone vs. Vetto Black Clover Top Fights

Here we are. My number one pick for the best fight in Black Clover so far is Vetto vs. the Black Bulls. Now hold up. I know some of you are probably thinking, “But wait! This fight? What about Mereleona?!”

Well, I’ll explain. This was the first fight where we truly saw what Finral and Vanessa could do, like with Finral’s magic and Vanessa’s jump into the fray.

And Vetto himself is one of the fiercest villains in Black Clover, by far. Honestly? This whole list could be fights against Vetto. When I first saw this fight, I was still new to the stakes of the series, and I wasn’t sure if everyone was going to make it out alive.

Luckily, I was wrong, and what we got was a fight that stands tall among everything we’ve seen so far. But it’s the teamwork of the Black Bulls that make this my clear number one pick.

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