Set Sail This Summer With New One Piece Dubbed Episodes and One Piece: Stampede on Funimation!

One Piece 579 Luffy
One Piece 579 Luffy

Yes, you read that right, the wait is almost over to stream new dubbed episodes of One Piece on Funimation! We can’t wait to set sail with Luffy and crew once again.

Starting June 2 in US/CA, you’ll be able to stream One Piece episodes 575-587, dubbed in English, only on Funimation! If you need a quick reminder, this batch begins with an arc that ties into One Piece Film: Z and kicks off the Punk Hazard arc, after the Straw Hats sail out from Fish-Man island.

One Piece 579 Sunny

The production team has been working hard on this dub, and the response so far has been amazing! If streaming is the way you watch, then let us just say that you’re in for a treat with this new batch of episodes!

But that’s not all. Look guys, we’re sorry to drop these weekend plans on you so suddenly, but we couldn’t wait. Thanks to our amazing partners at Toei Animation, we’re also bringing the pirate festival of One Piece: Stampede to Funimation streaming for a limited time in US/CA, starting THIS FRIDAY!

You’ll be able to experience the cinematic wonder of One Piece: Stampede for 60 days on Funimation, starting May 22. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, or just want to relive the action and the celebration, now’s your chance. It’s so worth it. One Piece: Stampede is also now available on digital storefronts!

New dubbed episodes of One Piece and the arrival of One Piece: Stampede on Funimation are just the latest batch of awesome One Piece content on its way. In just the past month, we announced the return of new One Piece English dubbed episodes to digital storefronts, as well as the reveal of the next series home video release!

It’s a good time to be a One Piece fan.

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