Go Wild With These 4 Animal-Centric Anime Series 🐾

SGT Frog Screenshot Animal Anime

By Brittany Vincent

Ah, pets. Whether you’ve got a cuddly canine, a ferocious feline or something in between, the animal kingdom has been keeping mankind company for years.

Our fluffy, scaly and feathered companions are always there to love us, comfort us and make us laugh, no matter what happens! So, OK. Hear us: Anime animals can do the same.

There’s a whole universe of animal-centric shows out there that feature everything from princely students who turn into mice, to frog-like aliens bent on invading Earth to bring us enjoyment!

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So whether you’re an anime fan looking for a show that lets you see what it’s like to run with a brave little lion cub or get to know a precocious little kitty, there’s plenty for you to find comfort in and explore. Let’s take a look!

Kimba, the White Lion

Kimba Nozomi Header 1 Classic Anime

Meet Kimba, a young lion cub who’s born to a proud mother on a ship bound for the zoo. Determined to keep her son away from a life spent in captivity, the lioness urges Kimba to save himself by leaping into the ocean from the ship to swim to safety. 

Once Kimba escapes, he makes it to land with the help of friendly butterflies and begins learning the ins and outs of human culture, vowing to spread the word of peace when he returns home to the jungle. This brave little lion cub is all about following in his father’s footsteps and making his jungle home a better place.

Kimba later dedicates his life to improving relations between animals and humans–because understanding is key. Kimba, the White Lion is truly a classic feel-good tale for any animal lover. But keep the tissues close by–it’s a tearjerker!

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Sgt. Frog

SGT Frog Screenshot Animal Anime

If you’ve ever had a pet frog, it probably lived something of a quiet existence in your home. We’re willing to bet it wasn’t actually the leader of a platoon of frog aliens trying to conquer Earth, right? 

Sgt. Frog’s Keroro is just that, and he’s hopping mad when he finds himself stuck with the Hinata family for the foreseeable future. After being captured during a mission to infiltrate the planet Pekopon (Earth to the rest of us), he’s forced to live with a human family and complete mundane chores. You know, typical talking pet frog stuff.

It isn’t a leap to say this anime is absolutely hilarious, nor is it any less “ribbet”-ing because it’s a comedy. Yes, I said that. With how weird Keroro can be, you’ll be ready to croak with laughter by the end of the first episode.

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Fruits Basket (2019)

Fruits Basket Empathy Kyo

Shoujo favorite Fruits Basket may be full of heartwarming moments and delicious drama, but it’s also all about the animals (of the Chinese zodiac).

High schooler Tohru Honda’s life with the Somas is a bit like living in a zoo, with any accidental collision or even a hug resulting in family members Yuki and Kyo turning into a mouse and a cat, respectively, thanks to the zodiac curse. They’re still their same charming selves (good news for the Prince Yuki Fan Club!) but they’re adorable little critters you just want to scoop up and hug.

The rest of the Soma family is a menagerie, too. Shigure shifts into a dog, and living in a house with this trio can feel like a real circus. The playful Kagura turns into a boar, while Momiji is an energetic rabbit–and so on. Fruits Basket truly is a great way to tap into your wild side, especially if there’s one zodiac animal you particularly identify with!

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My Roommate is a Cat

Cats may be our furry, four-legged children, but they’re also hilarious little bundles of energy. They can test your patience, but they’ll also fill your heart with joy–even when they decide to push your prized possessions onto the floor. My Roommate is a Cat is all of these emotions packed into one series. Yes, really.

Author Subaru Mikazuki would prefer quiet and solitude–definitely not a roommate. This all changes when he meets a stray cat and brings it home to live with him. To his surprise, having this frenetic feline around gives him an idea for his next novel!

The pair end up becoming inseparable, though little kitty Haru is always pulling off something potentially frustrating. Luckily, her penchant for knocking things over and napping on laptops is something of a creative font for Subaru, and they live happily together as members of a cozy little family. 

It’s too cute for words, especially as the story is told from both Haru’s and Subaru’s perspectives. Yes, even when Haru is obsessing over getting more food or totally messing up Subaru’s manuscripts. We’ve all been there. That’s probably why one of your keyboard keys is missing…

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but so are cats, frogs, bears, and even lion cubs! 

Give your favorite pet an extra cuddle or two when you decide which animal-centric series you’re going to watch next. You’ll be wagging your tail, ready for more when it’s all over. 

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