Top 5 Smashes From All Might in My Hero Academia

All Might My Hero

By Dan Exclaims!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Top 5! This time, we’re taking a look at none other than the Symbol of Peace, the eighth holder of One For All, the one and only All Might!

With that being said, I’ve put together a list of my top five favorites Smashes from All Might! Let’s break it down.

5. Texas Smash

All Might Texas Smash

Every hero has their defining moment, and just seconds prior to this scene, young Deku had his hopes of being a hero stepped on by school bullies. While trudging home, he began recounting in his head the trip he took as a young boy to the doctor’s office, where he finds out he isn’t so special–he’s Quirkless. 

When back at home watching his favorite video of All Might saving people, Deku has a tearful encounter with his mother when she isn’t able to utter the words that he so desperately wants to hear: “You can be a hero.” 

He snaps back to reality and tries to laugh off the misfortune, just like his hero All Might would. 

Suddenly, Deku’s first villain encounter that we witness on-screen occurs when the sludge villain appears, attempting to take Deku’s body. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, All Might arrives and delivers a Texas Smash, defeating the villain in one punch! This leaves our protagonist in awe– as when he was at his lowest point, looking for any sign whatsoever, his hero appeared, saving him once again, this time in person!

4. Detroit Smash

All Might Detroit Smash

At this point in the story, the mystique of the Number One Hero has been revealed to young Deku. He now knows All Might, once impervious, is someone who can now barely fight for more than three hours. But due to Deku’s intervention, the villain that once captured him has now taken his childhood friend/school bully–Bakugo.

Without thinking, Deku runs out to help him while heroes and onlookers stand in disbelief. And within the crowd, a weakened All Might sees this young boy which helps him power through his limit, releasing a roaring Detroit Smash!

Thus, the boys are saved, and we see the weather change because of air pressure from All Might’s punch. 

3. Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

All Might Smash Go Beyond

During the fight at the USJ, a genetically-engineered Quirk monster known as Nomu appears to do just one thing — kill All Might. But All Might is out doing some small-time hero work and has already hit his limit. But when he hears the students are in danger? He rushes to face off against Nomu!

As the fight progresses, Class 1-A sees All Might struggle against the combined efforts of the Nomu and the mysterious Kurogiri. Then suddenly, Deku appears to give All Might the push he needs. He lets out a “GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRA!”

With that, Nomu is sent soaring through the roof of the USJ and Shigaraki is left curtailing in defeat. Now that’s a proper way to end a first season, and is one of the best shounen scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

2. Tough Love Texas Smash

All Might Punches Deku

This Smash is one of levity, but it’s meant to help us all come back down to Earth a little bit. Deku was so overwhelmed with the fact that he watched his teacher fight in such a traumatic event, that he forgot people were going to be legitimately mad at him for being so reckless. 

So, while he trots at All Might carefree and teary-eyed, All Might provides him with a little bit of tough love. While yes, it’s totally satire, it’s literally the last Smash All Might ever throws in the series. Now that’s poetic. 

Afterwards, he embraces his young pupil, devoting himself to a cause that his master was never able to do, guide and educate the next Symbol Of Peace!

1. The United States Of Smash

All Might United States of Smash

Here we are, folks! The NUMBER ONE Smash. I HAVE to give this one to All Might’s shining and iconic moment as the Number One Hero. After inspiring the people of Japan and offering hope and peace of mind, All Might has now given all he can. Almost.

He still needs to take All For One off of the playing board! What ensues is arguably the best fight in the entire series, and is the most meaningful to me as it marks the end of an era! After this, there is no Symbol of Peace. But with a ROARING United States of Smash, All Might lets loose in the public eye one last time, and we offer a sorrowful goodbye to that glimmer of hope, for now.

For this one, All Might? All I can say is thank you.

That’s it for this countdown! For more My Hero Academia, be sure to stream the series subbed and dubbed on Funimation! This is Dan, signing off. Until next time!

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