Black Lives Matter: How We’re Taking Action

Black Lives Matter

We stand with Black Lives Matter and the millions who are raising their voices to demand justice after the unlawful death of George Floyd and so many others before him. For years, anime has connected people of all backgrounds and interests. In our own community there are fans who live in fear of police brutality and systemic racism, and we can’t ignore that. 

At Funimation, we believe that action, commitment, and personal accountability effect real change, and it takes all three to make a difference. To that end, we have taken a few steps. 

Over the next four years, we will contribute a minimum of $1 million to organizations that stand for social justice and racial equality. Our plan is for that fund to increase as we continue to make donations. 

We’re also piloting an engagement program of internships, events, and education for young people of color across our regional offices, because enabling direct, individual action is important. This program will involve every single Funimation employee.

We want to create equality for our fans and for the world. As we hold ourselves accountable to taking action, please join us in recognizing that all lives won’t matter until #BlackLivesMatter.