New Trailer for Fire Force Season 2 Reminds Us That July Is Still Too Far Away

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Nicholas Friedman
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Wow. Have you watched it yet? The latest trailer for Fire Force Season 2 has just been revealed…and July just can’t come soon enough.

Aside from the bombastic action and incredible sound design you’ve come to expect from Fire Force, there’s plenty of intrigue and revelation hiding in this trailer, especially with the new pink-haired character, Inca Kasugatani (Miyuri Shimabukuro), and the mystery of the “Pillar.”

Oh, and we get to see Ogun riding a flame-propelled hoverboard. Yes, read over that sentence again and tell me you’re not excited for this season. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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There are also plenty of high-octane action sequences teased here. More team-ups with Shinra and Arthur? Yes, please. Maki being Maki and taking names? Yep. Have we already mentioned Ogun on the hoverboard?

Check out the full trailer below, and if you’re as excited as we are for Fire Force Season 2, share this post and let us know! You can catch the upcoming season right here on Funimation, starting July 3 and Fridays at 12:55 CT.

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