Feast Your Eyes on These Tasty Foods (and Goods) Inspired by Kaguya-sama: Love is War?

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By Patrick Macias

Japanese chain restaurant Royal Host is celebrating Season 2 of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War? anime one bite at a time throughout the month of July.

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That’s because the Royal Host location in Tokyo’s famed Akihabara district is currently offering a selection of special menu items and limited-edition merchandise directly inspired by the high-achieving and lovelorn students of Shuchiin Academy. Just look at those Shirogane and Fujiwara-inspired dishes!

Kaguya Sama Cafe

There are five different tie-in food items on the menu in all, with a second round of dishes and goods to be revealed later this month. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s cooking in the Royal Host kitchen right now…

The Miyuki Shirogane Special Lunch ($16.79) – A heaping plate of hamburger steak, fried oysters, and the infamous octopus-shaped sausages featured in the Kaguya-sama anime! Also comes with an acrylic character standee of Shirogane himself.

Chika Fujiwara “Love Detective” Paella ($16.79) – Saffron rice smothered in shrimp and crab cream croquette…and (once again) those octopus wieners! An acrylic character standee of the Love Detective herself, Fujiwara, is included.

Other mouth-watering Kaguya-sama menu items include the Miko Iino Mango Parfait ($7.46), the Miyuki Shirogane Vienna Coffee for Academic Achievement ($4.66), and the Kaguya Shinomiya Shortcake ($5.41).

In addition to the hearty food and drink offerings, fans are also obliged to snap up the Kaguya-sama goods on sale exclusively at the Royal Host Akihabara restaurant. They include…

The Kaguya-sama x Royal Host limited edition mug ($14.74)

Shirogane and Fujiwara character cushions ($32.65) and Acrylic character standees ($5.60) in case you want more than the one that comes with your dish!

If you’re a little short of cash after spending big on food and goods, no worries. You get a free drink coaster just for showing up! (Although you’re going to want to come back to collect all nine in the series.)

These Kaguya-sama menu items and goods are available at the Royal Host restaurant in Akihabara until 7/5. New dishes featuring Yu Ishigami and Kaguya herself will go on sale from 7/6 to 7/30!

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